Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello every one
I have been in Canada for 20 years.When my first  came to Canada I felt uncomfortable  with every thing ,  like the language , weather , culture ,and food ect....
But now my life changed about 80 percent to Canadian  because my English is a lot better than before   I can go to anywhere by my self , I have made some friend with Canadian. I'm used to the cold weather , I know  how to cook some Canadian food .
About Re-entry shock
10 years later I went back home  every body so happy to see me again. The only problem is that I have changed I feel like stranger in my own culture . Because I saw the house  , apartment  , building
The streets was too small  and didn't look new , nice  ,and clean as like here. But I stile love my country same as I love Canada too.
Good mooring   my friends.  I'm  Rizwana.  Before came to Canada.  I  had many habits.Some  habits was  not good for my  health. First i didn't  take care  of my diet. In Canada . I  feel  if  I don't care about my diet,I will get sick.Now second  habit  I didn't do the exercises.Now in Canada I do exercise  every day in afternoon.I  feel  good.  That's one  of my habits I changed while  living  in Canada.                                                       
About  my  behaviours  I feel  before  I'm not depressed  not feel  alone   but in Canada.  I  feel sad and  miss my  family.  But  my behaviours  are good   with my family  and my friends .I m very friendly  and help full. 


                         I have been in Canada since 2006.After my life changed everythings.Now a days i am use to do in my routne very quickly,and i am studing English ,driving a car,because befour i never drove a car in SriLanka. i am getting use to canadian lifestyle and harsh winter too.
                                                                                                     I haven't gone back home count.I imagine when i go there i will get Re-ennty shock, because in SriLanka's roads are very narrow, and pollution is everywhere. Out side is very noisy compare to Canada.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Suqiong---- My new life

I came to Canada in 2005. My life has changed. It was different with my country: the language, culture, habits and customs. I was without my parents and I came to Canada to take care of my family. I have been studying English in LINC and ESL class. Sometimes, my family joined parties for making new friends. Now, I'm happy.
Good morning everybody. I have been in Canada for three yers. Since I came to Canada my life has change.  I haven't employment here but  I'm learning English, because it's way to integrate and assimilate into a new country with its  community. In  Canada  I'm living not far from my son's family, it's importantly for me. In Canada I have a new friends..                                                                                

Friday, October 25, 2013


After seven years I went back home visit my family. I was very happy to see them, but I got re-entry shock again because everything change a lot such as houses, roads, buildings etc. Everything was smaller compared to Canada.

My New Life in Canada

Since I cam to Canada. My life has change. It was all different compared my country such as the language food ,culture and people. I came without parents and I had to take care of my life. I worked my uncle restaurant to earn money. I met my husband here and we got married and we had kids then I had even more responsibilities.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


                                          My New Life In Canada

When I came to Canada the first months were very difficult for me.
Because Canada is a country that has many cultures and is the third biggest country, and it has four season that I am not used to, two of them are very strong like winter is very cold and the summer is very hot and humid.

I had change many habits in my life, for example I had to change my friends, clothes also some food but all of this things is fine for me. The worst thing was leaving my family behind. But now I feel better because I live here better than my country because Canada have a lot of help for all the immigrants.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

       Hello everybody, I'm safy .I came to  Canada since 2011. I changed some habit when I came to Canada.I changed my wardrobe because Canada in the winter is colder than my home country.I go to the community center every week to do exercise.I go to sleep early about 10 pm .I go to the library with my kids every week .Sometime,my husband is ride a bike with my kids.We enjoy a new life in Canada.          
Good mooring   my friends.  I,m  Rizwana  before came to Canada.  I  have many habits.some  habits is  not good for my  health. first i didn,t  tack care my diet. In Canada  i  feel  if  I dodn,t care about my diet,I will get sick.Now second  habit  I didn,t do the exercises.Now in Canada I do exercise  every day in afternoon.I  feel  good.  that,s one  of my habits i changed while  living  in Canada.                                                       
about  my  behaviours  i feel  before  i,m not depress.  not feel  alone   but in Canada  i  feel sad and  miss my  family.  but  my behaviours  is good   with my family  and my friends .i m very friendly  and help full.  


I'm Nagwa I have lived in Canada three years ago. I used to the majority of thing I can depend on myself
in the first time I want to come back my home  but now I like Canada..Last year when come back my home
I felt every thing exchange I can't walk any time and I can't wear like Canada

changed habits and Re-entry shock

I haven't changed any habits or behaviours.  I had only to learn English.

Re-entry Shock

In my case, after living in Canada for 3 years I had to return to my old country.
It was difficult, very hard.
People in Chile are very different than here.
They don`t have the same customs, manners and lifestyle.
I had to get used to many things again.
It was really hard and I felt like a visitor. I only wished to come back to Canada soon.

good morning..........

As I enter my new and the much proclaimed great life in Canada I find many of the Canadian customs and traditions are very different than my own...I have changed a little because iam doing every thing myself but in my home country, my parents,mad and sabling help me.Iam missing my country and culture a lot but  now this time iam also fellow candian culture and traditions .My daughter like halloween so iam celebrated halloween....i think so me and my family ts little change because we are follow all rules and regulations because its different to my country. Misunderstanding the language can be very confusing for me.


                                                              Culture Shock

  • It has been really hard for me, because Canadian's manners or habits are totally different compared to the Culture  which I have  grown with all my life. One of them is the way like Canadian people are, they are really nice, but on other hand They aren't, because they are concentrated in their lives. My first impression when I arrived to Canada was the way  Canadians drive, that's  so educated. Another thing to say is the way houses are built, they are built with different materials then in my home-country.

  • Another difficult thing is the weather, it always is  very strong, if that is hot time is so hot, otherwise it's so cold. That has been too terrible for me because I've never lived in a cold temperature before. My native city is eventually cool,  it seems as the spring here. On other hand, Canadian food isn't the best for me. I haven't  accustomed  eating the fast food that Canada has. I usually eat another kind of food.

  • The most important obstacle for me has been the language. That's why I sometimes feel frustrated here, however I've tried to speak English as I've been able to.


If I go back to my home-country after I have my life made here, It could be strange and a little  abnormal to me and to everybody I knew there, because They would see me as a rare person, although if that happens I would feel simply fantastic and phenomenal due to I'd see everything different and I'd feel like a real Canadian. 


Good morning everybody. Since I came to Canada I have another order of the day. Now I'm not going

Good morning

I have been in Canada since February 2011 with sponsor fo my daugther and her husband.
I'm enjoying my English class every day and the weekend with the family, i'm adappting here and exciting to speak a good English.

My new life in Canada (1)

I felt Canada was a strange country when I arived at Toronto airport three years agao. In Canada, a life was alone, the weather was cold, neighbours ware unfamiliar and most people spoke hard understanded languages. I thought what I could do was changing myself. Since then, I have being studing English in LINC class and learning how to drive for getting my license. Sometimes I joined in friend's parties and Chinese seior club for making new friends. I usually play Taiji inside door in the winter and go to swim in the summer. I'm very happy as I change.

Adapting to Canada

I think that need to do many things for adapt to Canada. I will start by mentionating some of my plans.
My first steep for sure is learn english and them study a especialization in Human Resources for fortify my career.
The second step planing I hope to go volunteer in any association interesting, that let me know more working life here.
Finally, I hope to accomplish my goals in a razonable time.


 I'm nagwa I have to change some habit when I came to Canada such as my clothes because Canada is very cold.I think Ibecome more act I usually walk because Canada has frish air and saft


I visited Canada 8 times before I came as imigrant. The culture in Canada isn't be shock for me. A new things in Canada are different people, different culture of them and very big spaces. I feel in Canada very well.

My new life in Canada

My name is Martha.I am from Colombia.I came two years ago to Canada.

I was working in Education, with teachers and children in Colombia.I visited schools to bring comfort to them.
Now, I am learning English, because, this is the official language of Canada and I have  the need to communicate with others.
I am very glad to have the opportunity to learn another language.
I have adapted easity to life in this new country, a,although in the winter season is very difficult for me, because my country is very hot.

My new life in canada

Hi  my friends

I have been in Canada for 3 years ago . all my habits changed since I came to Canada I used to walk every day in the morning .and going to Linc school to learn English and I get my driver licence.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Good morning my name is Noura . Iam from Egypt. Iam married I have two kids boys Abadir in grade 4 and Andrea in kinder garden. I have been in Canada for 3 years in Mississauga city.I just came to Milton one month ago. I like Milton.nice to meet all of u.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Assignment 2

Fall leaves are beautiful, aren't they?
I hope you'll take some time everyday to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful colours of Fall in Canada.

Today I'd like you to do three things:
1.  Click on this link and do a few (2 or 3) dictation exercises. Pick a topic and click on it.

2. Write two short paragraphs about how you have been adapting to your new life in Canada. Answer these two questions (1 question per paragraph)
1. What habits or behaviours have you changed since coming to Canada?
2. Stage 5 of Culture Shock is "Re-entry Shock". Have you experienced this, or will you experience this? Describe what happened or what you predict will happen.

3. Read some (3 or 4) of your classmate's blog posts (their writing) from this week or last week - your choice.  Make a comment at the bottom of their post.

**Remember, if you can't finish this work in class, you can finish it on the weekend at home. Blogger will save your "draft" (writing) and you can find it later on your home computer and finish. **

Have it finished by Tuesday, October 22.

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most important festival. On this day, Canadian people held thanksgiving ceremonies for the harvest goddess. The Chinese Moon Festival is a harvest festival which happens on August fifteenth on lunar calendar. In moon festival evening, most of the all family traditionally eat the moon cakes. Chinese people who immigrated to Canada think when they are in Rome, they have to do what as the Romans do. We celebrate Thanksgiving as Canadian people too. My family members sat around a table to eat the Chinese food on the festival.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Do you know LOL?

LOL means "laugh out loud". I think mostly you would laugh out loud, if you read the following story. Once upon a time, there was a man who liked drinking achohol very much. Every time he went home till he was drunk. One day, the man ate out and was drunk again. In the midnight, he came back with a bottle of achohol. He griped the handrail and climbed up wiggly. It was very unfortunate that he missed a step and fell down. The bottle was broken and he found himself sitting on the broken bottle and his bottom and bleeding. Later,upstairs, he looked at his bottom in the mirror and took a piece of band-aid to stick on the bleeding place, and then went to sleep. The next morning, his wife yelled: "How did you spread blood all over the blanket?" The man said: "How could it be? I stuck the wounded place with band-aid. " They turned their head to the mirror and found that the band-aid was on the mirror.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hi, my name is Igor. I am from Ukraine. I have been living in Milton, Canada for a year. Milton is a good place to live. It is safe, quiet, and nice. The people in Milton are friendly. Our house is near a pond. I am a hunter and I am shocked to see so many wild geese in Canada. They walk everywhere like hosts. I haven't hunted in Canada yet. I have been enjoying Canadian nature. By the way, I have already met a bear once relaxing in the woods!


Hello ! every one my name is Siem I was born in Cambodia . I came to Canada for 20 years. I have been living in Hamilton from 1993 to 2010 and I moved to Milton since 2010. I have two kids , 1 son ,1 daughter , both of them are  married . I have a lovely grand son   he 's my son 's son .
I like Milton better than Hamilton because it's a new town every thing just build up brand new , not that much pollution , nice with fresh Air and safety.
So Milton is my impression city . My culture shock I'll recommend all new comer , my family , my friend ,to live in Milton.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


My name is Nina. I am from Rusia, from Siberia.. I have been living in Canada about 3 years.In Milton I live  second year. I like to live in Milton, because it is not big, quiet and green town with friendly people. My son's family has been living in Canada about fourteen years. They live in  Mississauga  it is  be autiful  town  too .  .                  .    .                                                                                  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


My name is  Sergey. I came from Belarus. If you look on the map of the world , you will find Belarus between Russia and Poland.I've lived in Milton since June 2012.  Milton is a quiet,nice town.I like it .I live there with my family.I lived some time in British Columbia before  living in Milton .
I think everyboby has Culture shock,becouse Canada is a different country , but I'm sure , it is not  a problem! 

My multiculture shock

In December 2010 I arrived at Toronto Airport. It is my first impress that weather was very cold. It was -14 degree Celsius, but at same time it was 10 degree Celsius in my hometown. In the winter I couldn't do active outdoor so I feel such loneliness. In Canada I was newcomer, I didn't have relatives and fiends. I need fiends but I couldn't speak English. What could I do? What I could do was learning English! I went to LINC class in September 2012. After one year, not only I could write and I could speak simple sentences. It's OK? No! In this summer, my son took my wife and me to Montreal Quebec. The letters on All traffic signs are French in Montreal. We drove there and we ddidn't know French, so we followed a GPS. The GPS lost signal at a four way bridge. A four way bridge is where four roads go to different places over lap each other. We followed the wrong road. It spent about one hour that we found a correct road. That is Canada! Could you be shock like me?

I Came to Milton

I' m Dalson. Ihave two kids, one son and one girl. My daughter has immigranted to Canada since 1999. My son has immigranted to Canada since 2003. I had worked as a teacher in China for about 40 years. In order to join them, I came in Canada from China in November 2010. In 2011 I retired. I had lived with my daughter's family before 2012. Last Desember I moved to Milton. Milton is small town, but it is very beautiful. I love Milton.

introduce my self

My name is Rizwana syed

                            I' m from Pakistan. i came to canada 7 year ago.   I have been living in Millton for 2 year.
                            with  my  family. I have four children. I have two daughters and two sons. 


                        When I came to Canada. I had cultreshock. beacuse every things diifferent  food.languag.cuetom  dress.  I, m sad . i miss  my family and friend.First one  year  i had culture shock  now  i m ok. I think that  it, s Important and necessary. you  know  English.

Hello class

Good morning,
 My name is Pilar, I am peruvian, mi first language is Spanish, psychologist by profession. I wish them to know a little about my new life here. I came to Canada in August because the company of my husband what move must of Denver, Colorado to Toronto. Finally, I hope soon get used to the style of Canadian life.

introdution myself

FIRST NAME                                                                LAST NAME

Alonso                                                                             Canas

I have been living in canada since the last december. I came to canada with my father who I have lived all this time since then, my Mommy passed away around 4 years ago, I live with my uncle, an aunt and 2 cousins too.

Canada is really nice, in winter is so cold compared to my country it's colder in  this time. we  don't have that season neither  the colour wich trees are getting in this time.

My homecountry is colombia, my homecity is medellin, my first language is Spanish wich I love so much, that's really nice, so I like Englis too.

introduse my self

My name Zeljka !!

        I came to Canada a long time ago.I'm married , next month will be 19 years since I got married.
I have nice husband and two beautiful daughters.I  have been living in Milton for 5 years. I like living in Milton because it is not big city and crowded for now.   


My  name is yeimy.I have living in Milton for 1 years and a half with my family.
 I came to Canada since 2009.
I am from Colombia I hope learned Englsh.

Hello, my name is Jan

Hello, my name is Jan. I come from Poland on February 2012. I live in Milton with my wife. Now I'm pensioner.
I have two children:   son and  daughter. They live in Poland with their families. My son have 3 daughters and my daugter have  son and daughter. Finaly, I have five grandchildren! I miss them.
My yangest granddoghter and I.

Hello everyone

Hi my name is Fabiola..
I came to Canada 5 years ago. I have been live in Milton since 2012.
I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, I have two girls and one little boy.
I have been married since 4 years.
I came fron Chile and my native lenguage is Spanish. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to the Blog!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Good Morning Students, Welcome to our Class Blog!

A blog is a great place to share our thoughts with each other.
You can write a "post" and then make comments on other's posts.
Blogging is like having an online conversation. It's a great way to practice your writing and conversation skills. Remember to check the blog occasionally for comments on your posts - reply to those comments if you wish, also, make comments on other's posts. This is what keeps the conversation going.

Assignment 1:

Write two (2) paragraphs:
1: Introduce yourself and your family.
Remember to use past perfect phrases, for example:
I have been living in Milton for....    or    I have been in Canada since.....   or I came to Canada ________ ago.

2: Talk about your experience with Culture Shock and give some advice to newcomers.
Remember to give advice by saying:  I would recommend    or   I think that it's important/necessary  

 Do you want to begin?
1. click on  NEW POST  at the top right corner of this page. Then
2. click into the big empty box/page - and
3. Start typing your paragraph.
4. Notice that the features are similar to email
5.Can you see the photo/picture button? Click on it, you can paste a picture on top of or in-between or below your written post at home.
6. If you don't finish your writing or want to add a photo that's saved at home:
a.  click on SAVE and it will save it for you. At home you can log into Google, go to blogger, and ins , click on View Posts (button has a picture of written paper) Here you will see all the student's posts, find yours and click on the EDIT button - you can continue writing your post, add a photo and then ...

b. When your are finished, click PUBLISH

I look forward to reading your first posts!

SNEAK PEEK for NEXT WEEK ~ next week's assignment will include some online dictation exercises and a movie trailer for listening and speaking practice.