Tuesday, October 22, 2013


                                                              Culture Shock

  • It has been really hard for me, because Canadian's manners or habits are totally different compared to the Culture  which I have  grown with all my life. One of them is the way like Canadian people are, they are really nice, but on other hand They aren't, because they are concentrated in their lives. My first impression when I arrived to Canada was the way  Canadians drive, that's  so educated. Another thing to say is the way houses are built, they are built with different materials then in my home-country.

  • Another difficult thing is the weather, it always is  very strong, if that is hot time is so hot, otherwise it's so cold. That has been too terrible for me because I've never lived in a cold temperature before. My native city is eventually cool,  it seems as the spring here. On other hand, Canadian food isn't the best for me. I haven't  accustomed  eating the fast food that Canada has. I usually eat another kind of food.

  • The most important obstacle for me has been the language. That's why I sometimes feel frustrated here, however I've tried to speak English as I've been able to.


If I go back to my home-country after I have my life made here, It could be strange and a little  abnormal to me and to everybody I knew there, because They would see me as a rare person, although if that happens I would feel simply fantastic and phenomenal due to I'd see everything different and I'd feel like a real Canadian. 


  1. alonso you writing english very well,I anderstand all.
    this is true and difficult for us but you is very smart and young man.

    I think you will be a successful person because you have advanced a lot .

  3. HI Alonso I think you are batter then before you met me first time. i hope you are going to be successful person in your life. you are good person too. good luck.

    1. thak you so much for your good wishes.


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