Tuesday, October 22, 2013

       Hello everybody, I'm safy .I came to  Canada since 2011. I changed some habit when I came to Canada.I changed my wardrobe because Canada in the winter is colder than my home country.I go to the community center every week to do exercise.I go to sleep early about 10 pm .I go to the library with my kids every week .Sometime,my husband is ride a bike with my kids.We enjoy a new life in Canada.          
                                                              Re-entry shock                                                                                  
       I think I will be shocked when I go back home for many reasons . First ,the road in my home country is very crawdad. Second, there is no side in some areas. Third, there no lanes for biking. The last and not least, The roads in Canada is very organize. The majority of people follow the rules in Canada. More over,  I will miss the weekend when I spend all the time with my family. My husband job is on call 24\7. In addition, There is a lot of noisy there such as drivers use a horn a lot.

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  1. Yes safy i agree with you it`s different here and i`m feeling the same but we`ll be better because we`re together my friend. God bless you sweety.


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