Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good mooring   my friends.  I,m  Rizwana  before came to Canada.  I  have many habits.some  habits is  not good for my  health. first i didn,t  tack care my diet. In Canada  i  feel  if  I dodn,t care about my diet,I will get sick.Now second  habit  I didn,t do the exercises.Now in Canada I do exercise  every day in afternoon.I  feel  good.  that,s one  of my habits i changed while  living  in Canada.                                                       
about  my  behaviours  i feel  before  i,m not depress.  not feel  alone   but in Canada  i  feel sad and  miss my  family.  but  my behaviours  is good   with my family  and my friends .i m very friendly  and help full.  

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