Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'm Nagwa I have lived in Canada three years ago. I used to the majority of thing I can depend on myself
in the first time I want to come back my home  but now I like Canada..Last year when come back my home
I felt every thing exchange I can't walk any time and I can't wear like Canada


  1. Nogaaaa i`m sooooo happy to know you and your husband sinot , I`m feeling that you`re my seconed family , I love you both. god bless you sweety.

  2. NAGWA you are very nice to me and also kind to me because I cann`t uneerstand when I am studing in class. You quide me properly. I am really thankful to you. God bless you. Chaudhry Afzal

  3. Hi Nagwa I read your post i think last line . I felt every things change not exchange any way you are not nice to only Chaudhry . i think you r nice to every one you r very nice lady


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