Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello every one
I have been in Canada for 20 years.When my first  came to Canada I felt uncomfortable  with every thing ,  like the language , weather , culture ,and food ect....
But now my life changed about 80 percent to Canadian  because my English is a lot better than before   I can go to anywhere by my self , I have made some friend with Canadian. I'm used to the cold weather , I know  how to cook some Canadian food .
About Re-entry shock
10 years later I went back home  every body so happy to see me again. The only problem is that I have changed I feel like stranger in my own culture . Because I saw the house  , apartment  , building
The streets was too small  and didn't look new , nice  ,and clean as like here. But I stile love my country same as I love Canada too.


  1. I had same experience when i went for the first time

  2. I like my country also but I want to live in Canada because I love Canada.

  3. hi there. Correct some mistakes to be understandable. however, It's nice.


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