Wednesday, October 23, 2013


                                          My New Life In Canada

When I came to Canada the first months were very difficult for me.
Because Canada is a country that has many cultures and is the third biggest country, and it has four season that I am not used to, two of them are very strong like winter is very cold and the summer is very hot and humid.

I had change many habits in my life, for example I had to change my friends, clothes also some food but all of this things is fine for me. The worst thing was leaving my family behind. But now I feel better because I live here better than my country because Canada have a lot of help for all the immigrants.


  1. hi yeimy. correct the post. hehehehe lol.

    You will meet new friends in Canada.
    Your family will be happy for you because your are learning English

  3. hi Jeimy good post. I read your post now i know about you, Jeimy you are good friend. I like sitting besid you.


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