Friday, November 29, 2013

for the winter

The winter is coming, the weather is getting colder. Today, The high is -4, but It feels like -12 with the wind-chill. I have to go to school every morning, so I prepare to bundle up for riding a bicycle. I have a toque, snow boots, a thermal undershirt, down vest, a thick down jacket with a hood and so on. In a word, I have everything I need to wear. Over the few months or years I can dress enough warmly in the winter. Even so,I'm scared of Canada's winter. Last winter, I wore the thermal undershirt, the thick down jacket with a hood, the tuque, the gloves and the boots when I went to school. One day, it was -14, but the real feel was -22. Strong wind blew against my face and I felt it in my bones through my clothes, I felt my blood would have frozen. I know It isn't enough to have everything you need to wear in Canada's winter. My teacher told me that few of Canadians usually bike in the winter. Yes, but my house is so close our school, that I have no alternative way except biking. I think it is a good idea to buy a winter biking gear. I will buy my car in the next year. I feel my teacher always notice me, so it will make me to feel warmer in the cold winter.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hello, my friends, and my teacher, Today, in the class room, I learned lots of names for winter clothing head to  toe, before, I didn't no,and what kind are clothes good to wear in the winter.I we can keep our body warm,.now, I know because my teacher talk about winter clothes and how we can keep warm, our body.thanks to my teacher. Canada winter is colder then is my home country Pakistan, that's why  we  are more care full in winter.before  going to go out  side ware proper warm winter cloths. cover head, to toe .  sparsely for children.  then you go out side,I 'm  more careful in Canada winter. best  of  luck ever one,I'm prepared to bundle up this winter, I hope you too prepared to bundle up.       OK TC,AH BYE   SEE YOU TOMAROW MORING IN THE CLASS                                                  


Winter is a gift of nature. Everybody must wear the right clothing in the winter season.If you want to stay warm you have to wear three layer of clothing. As follows: base layer, mid layer and outer layer.You choose for base layer some wool,silk and other various synthetic fibres.Then a mid layer should be thicker then base layer.The outer layer is very important as it protects you from heavy snow and wind.This must be water proof. Then you should wear hat and scarf,thick socks and snow boots.Because we lose most of our body heat though out head and feet.This year I learned lot about winter clothing.Nowadays I wear three layer clothing and I feel very comfortable.

Winter is comes in this year

This week ,the weather gets colder. It`s a season of snow and ice.The temperture drops to -20 and lower sometimes. The snow covered the street and forest. There is nothing in the world as peaceful as walking through the woods on a moonlit winter night. Winter is a strong and gangerous season, you have to be carful and need to know how to avoid injuries. If you go outside , wear warm coat, mitts or gloves, scarf,hat and insulated boots.Of course, you can do different activities such as skating, sledding, skiing and snowboarding.Another popular winter sport is hockey. Children play in the snow, build snow forts and make snowmen.
The winter clothing.

It's really important to know how we bundle up in winter time. If you are going to outside, you have to put on the correct clothes such as a hat, an adequate jacket, a scarf. Also, you must wear up comfortable and warm boots which can be from wool and rubber or leather.  Be careful, stay warm and take care about the ground. It's slippery at this time because the snow becomes  sheet of ice.
anyways, you must to protect your body from the cold. Otherwise, you can get sick with the flu as well.
Because winter is the coldest season of the year, we must to pay attention to what the news says and attend their instructions to follow. Be on the ball for the forecasts and listen to news on radio.

Then, I am going to say how my first winter and feeling in Canada were when I came to Canada.  there was not any snow compared to this year in which it already snowed. At that then, there just was getting colder and I felt so strange about the way how people bundle up because I had never seen snow before, just through pictures or T.V. Also, I felt like hibernated bears in their caves due to I used to the worm climate that's why I got  lost everything. However, I feel very glad for being here in Canada, I don't care if the weather is hot or not. I just cover myself really well and  that's all. Now, I get better everything and I feel like that as well.

Welcome to Canada where the weather is like that.

Alonso Canas.

The Bundle up Cothing

                                                   The Bundle up Co thing
Hi Marcella
  I wear cothing in winter , whan I go to outside. I  wear down jacket,ski mask, undershirt and thermal undershirt.i wear leather boost.I wear earmuffs.    

winter clothing

you must wear from head to toes to keep warm.You need a parka when It's snow must wear many layers,you need winter scarf, glove, parka,legging,maybe need ski mask and boot.
We must wear all this things because the winter in Canada too cold and snow,some people can't able this weather.
The weather in my country is different ,it's better than Canada.
The sun always is rising almost all year ,there isn't snow.But now I'm comfortable and I used to live in Canada
Winter clothes,

Because in Poland there is a similar climate as Canada, winter clothes aren't anything new for me. I learned to dress   correctly when I was a kid. My mother made for me sweaters, mittens, wool socks and toques.  Now, I know it's important to protect my body, especially my head and feets. It nessessery to have a good shoes.
While I do sports, I should to clothe different, not to warm. For example - during skiing isn't nessessery many clothes but important is to protect against the wind.


Assignment 4 - Bundle Up!!

Good Morning Students!
It's cold outside today! It feels like -12 with the wind-chill. Everyone has to bundle up (wear layers) to stay warm.

Today I would like you to write a new post about winter clothing. You can write about what you have learned today and over the last few months or years about how to dress warmly in the winter. What do you wear to keep warm? Write one or two paragraphs.

Stay warm!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

English Conversation Practice Opportunity - Take the Survey!

Hello Students,
I'd like you to take this survey. It will only take a few minutes of your time.
I am interested in getting a conversation circle set up here at the Centre.
There are some high-school students from Milton District High School that are interested in volunteering to have short 20 minute conversations with you during lunchtime. You would have to stay for lunch and begin the conversation at 12:20 and finish at 12:40.
If you take an afternoon class, you can join the class a little bit late at 12:45.
Take the survey and we'll see if there is an interest. (click on the link below)
Thanks! ~Marcella

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Movember - Leydi Mackenzie


The first week of Movember I go for dinner to the Kelsey's restaurant and I saw moustache stickers for all the place. For the first time in my life I listen about Movember campaign. A few days after in my class the teacher made a great presentation about that. I think that it is a good idea and the men need awareness too. The prostate cancer is one of the most deadly of the cancers . This day began my curiosity and I watch all the men on the street and all the places and I look for their moustache. What a big surprise! Nobody I saw had the moustache or seem to be supporting this but we all talk about it but we need more action. Not just the name for the campaign . Come on MEN getting moving and grow your moustache. Time is running out. (the hair from other part of the body is valid?)

Friday, November 15, 2013

What is Movember?

Movember is:

Is it a month ?
Is  it a movement ?
Is it a celebration?

Movember is an event dedicated to men. Its symbol is a moustache.
The important of movember is to create awareness of men's health.
The education about prostate cancer is important to save lifes.



Movember is a world wide charity organization. This global movement started in Melbourne, Australia ten years ago.It's vision is to raise awareness to combat prostate cancer and mental heath.It encourages men to join movement by growing a moustache for the 30 days of November. These men will ask friends and family to donate to their effots.At the end of the month they complete their journey with clean shave.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

                                                      Movember is the month for 
                                                Moustache growing

               Movember means to think .First of the moustache . Second one is to move .We must to 

move at least 30 min every day because the movement is good of health .I have never had a 

moustache .My husband had a moustache before but I didn't like it because the moustache wasn't

suitable. Some men when they grow a moustache ,they look handsome.I like it for my brother .I 

can't  stand see my brother with out a moustache .I think this a good idea to raise funds for 

prostate cancer and raise awareness. I wish  to involve in a campaign for prostate cancer.


Negative Personality Adjectives

List of 100 common personality adjectives that describe people negatively aloof arrogant belligerent big-headed bitchy boastful bone-idle boring bossy callous cantankerous careless changeable clinging compulsive conservative cowardly cruel cunning cynical deceitful detached dishonest dogmatic domineering finicky flirtatious foolish foolhardy fussy greedy grumpy gullible harsh impatient impolite impulsive inconsiderate inconsistent indecisive indiscreet inflexible interfering intolerant irresponsible jealous lazy Machiavellian materialistic mean miserly moody narrow-minded nasty naughty nervous obsessive obstinate overcritical overemotional parsimonious patronizing perverse pessimistic pompous possessive pusillanimous quarrelsome quick-tempered resentful rude ruthless sarcastic secretive selfish self-centred self-indulgent silly sneaky stingy stubborn stupid superficial tactless timid touchy thoughtless truculent unkind unpredictable unreliable untidy untrustworthy vague vain vengeful vulgar weak-willed

Positive Personality Adjectives

List of 100 common personality adjectives that describe people positively adventurous affable affectionate agreeable ambitious amiable amicable amusing brave bright broad-minded calm careful charming communicative compassionate conscientious considerate convivial courageous courteous creative decisive determined diligent diplomatic discreet dynamic easygoing emotional energetic enthusiastic exuberant fair-minded faithful fearless forceful frank friendly funny generous gentle good gregarious hard-working helpful honest humorous imaginative impartial independent intellectual intelligent intuitive inventive kind loving loyal modest neat nice optimistic passionate patient persistent pioneering philosophical placid plucky polite powerful practical pro-active quick-witted quiet rational reliable reserved resourceful romantic self-confident self-disciplined sensible sensitive shy sincere sociable straightforward sympathetic thoughtful tidy tough unassuming understanding versatile warmhearted willing witty


movember is during the month of November. I haven't had a mustache but I think this a good ideal ,because the goal of movember is change the face of men's health. They are like handsome.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Movember simple words...

Movember in simple words mean, to help raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer under the Movember movement name.

Man are encourage to grow their moustaches all November.

In general men do not talk much about their health issues and are not regular visitors to the doctor for prevention screening.

I fully support Movember and I like to see men have fun. Every man who can, should grow a moustache but when they do, hopefully make the direct connection between  facial hair and support for prostate cancer awareness.



I like this month because is about mustaches month.
This month is that men are not cutting there mustaches as a symbol of suffering prostate cancer and also to raise funds. IIT doesn't matter to my, if men leaves there mustaches is for a good cause.
I think that Movember is a good idea. It's promoting a health care by fun,  it raize awareness about diseases specially prostate cancer. This is very important for a men.
Man 45 years old  and greater should take a PSA test every year.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Men grow a Mo (moustache) for 30 days to become walking, talking billboards, for our men’s health causes - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male mental health initiatives....


Men, I would urge you to consider growing your ’mo this month. And ladies, if you see a gentleman sporting an awesome ‘stache, remember to encourage him by smiling and saying, “Nice mo!”

It’s more than just a silly fad. It’s (quite literally) changing the face of men’s health.


During November each year movember is responsible supporting for men's health My husband has never had a moustache because I don't like moustache. I don't mind if he want to grow moustache for this month. I support men to join the movement grooving moustache for 30- days in November. Also fundraise fore men's health specifically prostate cancer. Also I support people who exercise. I think everyone should go to for a walke every day least 30 min. Exercise is not just for men it is for everyone.
I love Movember!

Monday, November 11, 2013

                                      Movember  is the month for moustaches  growing

Movember  is the month for moustaches  growing

I  like this  different  and an excellent  ideas.  before i thought  movember is  some thing like game or about some funny story happend in the past. when our teacher told us about why people  growing moustaches on November.
Movember  have two meaning  one in this month of  November mustaches growing to help  sick  people.This  idea hide two meaning first is fun and awareness to help who needy  and movember  hide  another meaning is move.  I think  move is the  most excellent idea for every one because exercises are more better.  If we do exercises in our daily routines, this is greatly decrease getting  many diseases  I think  every one wants healthy life.  If  we  want to live healthy life, then we follows Dr.Mike advice, he wants  men and women to include 30 minutes of exercises in their daily routines because this can greatly decrease the chances of  getting many  diseases.  When we follows  this great idea we will not going to be sick. When  we are healthy, every one working good and achieve his/her goal, more high thinking more healthy and we help  more better. We can  use those money on other  serious  iuse  for example we can make  new school because  when every one have education, then they can think about healthy life and secondly we can use money to help the hungry peoples in world.      
                                              OK BEY MY FRIEND,S  T C
                                                CAN YOU READ MY  POST  THIS IS MY IDEA ABOUT  MOVE IS  MOST BETTER  FOR  OUR  HEALTH.
                                                                      FROM   RIZWANA


I'm agree with  Movember . The word Mo in the beginning of the word Movember that is show the Mo in moustache .
I believed  that Dr  Mike give his support to Movember moustache  growing is a good ideas to raise money for Prostate Cancer research for Men. But he also wants every body not just men to have 30 minute of exercise  into their daily routine to reduce of getting many diseases.
About my opinion I don't like my husband or my son  have moustache  growing forever but just only for "Movember for November ".
I like the most word  Movember is to Move more  everyday.



MOVEMBER is a matched that comes from a combination between moustache and Movember the 2 first letters are the 2  first letters of moustache and the rest are for November. It means that somebody invented a way to make happy  to people who have prostate cancer, so I think this was an excellent idea because is quite important to support low-income and ill people. The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health. 

Since 2004, the Movember Foundation charity has used Movember to raise awareness and funds for men's health issues in Australia and New Zealand. Monetary proceeds go toward the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, the Cancer Society and Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, and Beyond Blue.
In 2007, the Foundation launched campaigns in Canada (funds raised go to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada), Spain (FEFOC), the United Kingdom, and the United States (the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Livestrong Foundation). In the US, Movember's men's health partners are The Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.
In 2008, the Movember Foundation started the event in the Republic of Ireland. The beneficiary in that country is Action Prostate Cancer, an initiative of the Irish Cancer Society.
A non-foundation Movember event has been held in the Cayman Islands by a "MOvember Committee" since 2006. The event has been sponsored by CML Offshore Recruitment and raises funds for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

MOVEMBER's picture.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We need Movember

If we change first letter "N" in November, November becomes Movember, so it is suitable that November is called Movember month. I like a mustache, but I have never had it, because my wife don't like any mustache. One day, I told my wife I wanted to nave a beautiful mustache. "You have to choose only one between a mustache and I." my wife answered me. A wife is more important than a mustache. Even so, I think Movember ought to be a man's festival. Movember means move and health. Everybody needs move. That is most important way for getting health. It is sample and easy. You can do Tai Chi, work out in the morning, and walk in the evening. You can go to work by bike. If you are free, you can usually swim or hike. Chinese people say:" life is move." I think it is correct. If you keep moving every day, you will be as fit as a fiddle. This month is November! If you agree with me, why don't you start from now?
Hello:every body

                             Movember is  an annual month involving the growing of moustaches during the month.I have never had a moustache but I think this a good idea because The goal of Movember is change the face of men's health,It raises funds for prostate cancer,and It raise awarness of men's health.then I have supported  Dr:Gake so every body needs thirty minutes exercise every day to reduce  for getting diseases such as depressed,prostata cancer

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Assignment 3 - Movember

Good Morning Students!

Today you are going to write a paragraph about Movember.
What is Movember? Here's a quick video:
Notice the MO in the beginning of the word Movember. That is to represent the MO in MOustache.  

We also watched a video in class yesterday  - the link is here if you want to watch it:
In this video  Dr. Mike gives his support to Movember moustache growing. He believes it is a good thing to raise money for prostate cancer research and to make people more aware of prostate cancer and its causes. However, Dr. Mike also wants men (and women) to include 30 minutes of exercise into their daily routines because this can greatly decrease the chances of getting many diseases. Dr. Mike is highlighting the MOVE in MOVEmber and he asks all of us to MOVE MORE everyday.

Write a paragraph about your opinion about MOVEMBER. Are you growing a moustashe or do you need to move more?

(remember to write a paragraph with the correct structure:
1. Topic sentence/introduction
2. 2 or 3 reasons/arguments/points
3. Conclusion/summary of points

Enjoy Movember !

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Morning English!: Siem

Morning English!: Siem: Hello every one I have been in Canada for 20 years.When my first  came to Canada I felt uncomfortable  with every thing ,  like the languag...