Thursday, November 14, 2013

Negative Personality Adjectives

List of 100 common personality adjectives that describe people negatively aloof arrogant belligerent big-headed bitchy boastful bone-idle boring bossy callous cantankerous careless changeable clinging compulsive conservative cowardly cruel cunning cynical deceitful detached dishonest dogmatic domineering finicky flirtatious foolish foolhardy fussy greedy grumpy gullible harsh impatient impolite impulsive inconsiderate inconsistent indecisive indiscreet inflexible interfering intolerant irresponsible jealous lazy Machiavellian materialistic mean miserly moody narrow-minded nasty naughty nervous obsessive obstinate overcritical overemotional parsimonious patronizing perverse pessimistic pompous possessive pusillanimous quarrelsome quick-tempered resentful rude ruthless sarcastic secretive selfish self-centred self-indulgent silly sneaky stingy stubborn stupid superficial tactless timid touchy thoughtless truculent unkind unpredictable unreliable untidy untrustworthy vague vain vengeful vulgar weak-willed

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