Thursday, November 28, 2013

The winter clothing.

It's really important to know how we bundle up in winter time. If you are going to outside, you have to put on the correct clothes such as a hat, an adequate jacket, a scarf. Also, you must wear up comfortable and warm boots which can be from wool and rubber or leather.  Be careful, stay warm and take care about the ground. It's slippery at this time because the snow becomes  sheet of ice.
anyways, you must to protect your body from the cold. Otherwise, you can get sick with the flu as well.
Because winter is the coldest season of the year, we must to pay attention to what the news says and attend their instructions to follow. Be on the ball for the forecasts and listen to news on radio.

Then, I am going to say how my first winter and feeling in Canada were when I came to Canada.  there was not any snow compared to this year in which it already snowed. At that then, there just was getting colder and I felt so strange about the way how people bundle up because I had never seen snow before, just through pictures or T.V. Also, I felt like hibernated bears in their caves due to I used to the worm climate that's why I got  lost everything. However, I feel very glad for being here in Canada, I don't care if the weather is hot or not. I just cover myself really well and  that's all. Now, I get better everything and I feel like that as well.

Welcome to Canada where the weather is like that.

Alonso Canas.

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  1. So Alonso, when are you going to buy yourself a pair of wool boots? ;)


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