Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hello, my friends, and my teacher, Today, in the class room, I learned lots of names for winter clothing head to  toe, before, I didn't no,and what kind are clothes good to wear in the winter.I we can keep our body warm,.now, I know because my teacher talk about winter clothes and how we can keep warm, our body.thanks to my teacher. Canada winter is colder then is my home country Pakistan, that's why  we  are more care full in winter.before  going to go out  side ware proper warm winter cloths. cover head, to toe .  sparsely for children.  then you go out side,I 'm  more careful in Canada winter. best  of  luck ever one,I'm prepared to bundle up this winter, I hope you too prepared to bundle up.       OK TC,AH BYE   SEE YOU TOMAROW MORING IN THE CLASS                                                  

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  1. Rizwana - Yes Canada is just a little colder than Pakistan... ;)


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