Friday, November 29, 2013

for the winter

The winter is coming, the weather is getting colder. Today, The high is -4, but It feels like -12 with the wind-chill. I have to go to school every morning, so I prepare to bundle up for riding a bicycle. I have a toque, snow boots, a thermal undershirt, down vest, a thick down jacket with a hood and so on. In a word, I have everything I need to wear. Over the few months or years I can dress enough warmly in the winter. Even so,I'm scared of Canada's winter. Last winter, I wore the thermal undershirt, the thick down jacket with a hood, the tuque, the gloves and the boots when I went to school. One day, it was -14, but the real feel was -22. Strong wind blew against my face and I felt it in my bones through my clothes, I felt my blood would have frozen. I know It isn't enough to have everything you need to wear in Canada's winter. My teacher told me that few of Canadians usually bike in the winter. Yes, but my house is so close our school, that I have no alternative way except biking. I think it is a good idea to buy a winter biking gear. I will buy my car in the next year. I feel my teacher always notice me, so it will make me to feel warmer in the cold winter.


  1. Well Dalson, biking in the winter isn't something many Canadians do ! Some do, however, but not many. The Canadians who choose to bike in the winter wear special winter biking gear - you can buy this at MEC in Burlington - Mountain Equipment Co-op.

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  3. Thank you, Marcella. My house is in front of the sports centre. It takes about 8 minuts for me to bike from my house to the school. If I ride on a bus to the school, it spend about 15 minuts. I remember to buy a winter biking gear


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