Thursday, November 28, 2013


Winter is a gift of nature. Everybody must wear the right clothing in the winter season.If you want to stay warm you have to wear three layer of clothing. As follows: base layer, mid layer and outer layer.You choose for base layer some wool,silk and other various synthetic fibres.Then a mid layer should be thicker then base layer.The outer layer is very important as it protects you from heavy snow and wind.This must be water proof. Then you should wear hat and scarf,thick socks and snow boots.Because we lose most of our body heat though out head and feet.This year I learned lot about winter clothing.Nowadays I wear three layer clothing and I feel very comfortable.

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  1. How long have I known you Chelvi? Many winters I have known you...and I didn't tell you about wearing layers in the winter until now? Goodness, I haven't done my job properly! I am glad you feel warm, finally! ;)


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