Friday, January 31, 2014

The First Day of New Year---for 30 days-13

Friday, Janaury 31st, 2014
Today is the first day of Chines New Year. It is all Chinese people's birthdays, because all Chinese people ages are plused one year. In this morning, parents may give their kids some lucky money that are wrapped with red peper. On their doors People paste red peper.  There are some words, such as lick, happiness, rich, more money and so on on the peper. Today is a day when people visit their parents and good fiends. If they meet friends, they could say "Happy New Year or good luck." Just right, today is Friday in Canada. Our some friends are free, we reunit at my daughter's house. We enjoyed delicious Chonese foods and talked about our country. We came different places, but it is same that our homeland were changed very much. When a friend came back to China, he couldn't found his old home, because it was moved to a new area.

30 days Enlish challenge

Happy Chinese New Year every one !
Kung Hei Fat choy!
Today is the fist day of Chinese New Year,normally at my home country the Chinese people always take a few day off from work to celebrate their New Year. Now for me I'm also have abit time off from baby sitting my grand-son , to talk about 30 days  Enlish challenge.
I'm agree with this idia it's very good activity to improve  my English. But unfortunately I didn't   twrite my 30 days English challenge because I'm finding my challenge is difficult .cause  I don't have enought time to focus on homework  and also my vocabulary is too I'm planing to watch some cartoon movie with my grand-son few times a week if I could and try to make more time to lean new words .because English is my best language that I like it .

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hallo everyone in friday 31/2014 is Chinese holiday it's a new year in China happy new year everyone I hope this year is better than last years

Happy Chinese New Year--for 30 days-12

Thursday, January 30, 2014 Today is Chinese New Year Eve. Throughout China people Are celebrating Cninese New year.The traditions to celebrate New Year started before about 3500 years. In China, people think anybody can forget something to bring unhappy memories and begin new life. So people display fireworks and firecrackers to get rid of evil spirits and hang red lanterns outdoor, so that some gods can find their houses and give them happiness and fortune. The families all usually celebrate New Year together. Wherever they work, most people always come back home to reunite with their families. Chinese people spend 15 days to celebrate this festival. Most families may enjoy Chinese food and feast away. It is time to help the poor people in Chinese New Year. Many wolunteers may give the poor people money and some presents. Nowadays, it is different from before 20 years to celebrate New Year. People have the holiday for 7 days for Chinese New Year. Some people may travel to different places among the New Year. Most people may take part in New Year Parties. Chinese people went over all the world already. they brought Chinese New Year to all the world. Now we can see Chinese people celebrate New Year in different countries. Chinese New Year no t on l y belongs to China, also to the world.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My 30 Day's English Challenge .

I think my 30 day's for English challenge is going well , Interesting . I've spend my most time listing to the English songs for the famous singer Katy Perry, and watching an English serials like, my favorite one That's So Raven . But I've not decided for my movie yet which I'm going to watch it at Sunday . So please if you have ideas you can share them with me by write it down as a comment . I'll appreciate that . 


English challenge is going---for 30 days-11

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I think that Learning English is one of the most important matters in my life. I have to insist to learn English. To make is easy, to do is hard. Every day I have to do something. I usually have to buy some vegetables, to visit my friends, to take care of my granddaughters, to do house works, to watch TV, to do exercises etc. Many things can disturb learning English. Learning English is difficult for me. I often forget many English words,  and I don't know how to use those words. Especially, I can not understand what other people speak in English. I spent much time to learn English, but I did not feel any progresses.

I know I have to learn English very well. I need English in my life.  It is one of the hardest matters in the word that I fight against myself in order to keep learning English. My happiness life depends on English,  my healthy depends on English. How important English is! I believe that I can improve my English every day, if I study hard.

There is a old story in China. Long long ago, there was a man whose name was Foolishman. He lived at a village between Mountain Taihang and Mountain Wangwu. Every day he must climb the mountain for working. He decided to dig Mountain Wangwu for building a passageway. He spent a lot of time to dig the mountain. Mr. Smartman, Foolishman's friend, told him that the mountain was too big to build the passageway. Mr. Foolishman said:"where there's a will, there is a way! Even when I die, I shall have sons surviving. My sons will have their sons. My sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons aren't limited,but the mountain couldn't get bigger. Why couldn't we get successes?" God knew about it, he moved the mountain away.
English seems like a mountain that I face against. I believe that if I take as long as required, I will get succeses.

100% effort

           I remember when my grandson did not try at all and got a B mark.

After the next time, he put 100 percent effort and got A+.  You get good

things if you put  100 percent effort.

Young’s challenge is not only 30days!

This is my last assignment. I had in trouble. So I"m uploading now..
When I watched the youtube, I had a motivation. Because I usually thought to improve about my English. Just thought, didn’t have plan.. after watched I thought what I have to improve it?

   Actually, before New Year I had four resolutions to improve my English.
First is to borrow a easy book once a week and read the book.
Second is after read to write the story.
Third is to study grammar to use computer for an hour three times a week at home.
Fourth is to make friends. I didn’t say “hi, hello and how are you” first.  I think I’m shy.  So I’ll try to say “hi” first and practice speaking.

All of my plan was just plan. I didn’t try all. But now I’m doing all of them for two days.
 Can I write a novel like that man?  
  Will I speak fluent English?

  I’ll try it everyday not only 30days. I’ll keep going when I get lever 5.

School is closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday January 29 - 30

School is closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday January 29 - 31
Our washrooms are having trouble again and they need more time to fix the problem - hopefully this time they will fix it for good!

See you back on Monday, February 3! 
Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Spring Festival!
Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Assignment 3

Hello Students: 

Are you CCCCCCOLD? I think your answer must be "YES!!!!"
Is your 30 -day English challenge going well?  I hope so !

Assignments 3 is due on Friday, January 31st: 

I would like you to write about how your 30 - Day English challenge is going. 
Are you finding your challenge difficult? Easy? 50/50?
Write one paragraph about it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days-10

Studying English is a difficult experience and a long process.
Today is a day when I see the doctor who made an apoitment with me. My daughter drove me to the hospital and let me to register by myself. It's a good opportunity for me to practice speaking English.
 I found a medical information office. A woman told me to go along a corrido and to go downstair, then turned on the left. We quickly found the register office. A young girl asked me some questions, such as doctor's name, birthday, address, phone number and so on. She told us go up to the third floor and to find ENT office. It's ok! "You have a good job!" my daughter said to me.
On the third floor, we found the doctor's office and waited for about 15 minutes. The doctor came in. He asked my daughter some questions. I heard some words, such as blood, bleed, feel, how long, hobbies etc. He told me not worrying, after he checked my nose.
I thought perhaps I understand him, but I couldn 't heard every word he said, so I couldn't exectly understood his means. I have to spend more time to practice speaking English. I believe "No pain, No gain!"

Monday, January 27, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days-9

China is my homeland. I have left it for more than 3 years. I have been missing my homeland, and missing my friends in China.
China takes memorable progresses every day. Its changed statuses is inconceivable for me. My friends told me that new Hefei Internal Airport finished, it's the forth biggest airport in China. In Hefei, there is either a mew freeway around the city, or a first subway. I worried about how finding the roads to my house, if I' ll go back home. Buildings are higher and more beautiful than before 3 years. My friends' houses are bigger and more comfutable. It is more important that they take more money!  
The friend also told me that the pollution is getting heavier in Hefei. The sky is light blue and grey. In morning, there often is smog in the city. Those bad news cann't stop me missing my homeland. China has  a famous proverb, perhaps our mother isn't beautiful enough,  but we all also love our mother. I love my homeland.
My resolution these year
 My Goal is Improve my English. Try to watch maximum English T.V Chanel .Watch News, serial, movies. Read English news Paper. Try to Speak  maximum English. Because English is now world wise language. My Thinking without English we are  handicapped.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Smaller challenge

Challenge is very important in our life to chieve our goals but the challenge for 30 days ,It means to do the same thing every day just for 30 days ,I think it's easy for everyone .I love it,so First you make your habits,Then your habits make you,ex,When I watch English movies every day for 30 days ,I can't stop it.challenge always motivates a person to function better.I think challenge such as jealousy ,When We look around us , we find almost people speak English.This encourage me to challenge my self and push my self to use this idea to improve my English .Now,I will start to watch English movies every day for 30 days,so I want know more vocabulary,I will get better listening and speaking .After that ,I will start new challenge ,How to manage conversation ? .Our life is difficult,We need more challenge.

Smaller challenge

Challenge is important in our life to chieve our goals, but the challenge for 30days ,I think it's easy for every one, so It is small challenge ,I love it ,so,First you make your habits,Then your habits makes you,so if you make the same thing every day for 30days, you can't stop it after 30days finished.It becomes routine.I want improve my English so I will use this idea,I will watch English movies everyday for30days.I want know more vocabulary And I get better listening,speaking after that I start new challenge ,How to manage conversation?.I think challenge such as jealousy,It is always motivates a person to function better.When I look around us, we find most of people speak English,This thing encourage us to challenge our self. Finally our life is difficult , we need more challenge.

My resolution for 30 days

  "Write about what you are going to do to improve your English"

Today is sunday, Jan. 26, 2014. I didn't write post about improving my English yet, because I had
a lot of resposabilities and personal matters.
Now, I read all my classmmats posts. I'm under a big impression about Dalson's resolution. Congratulation Dalson!
I'm afraid that my resolution will be very simple.
I think that only watching English movies or listening to the radio, may not achieve expected results. First, I must to know the vocabularies and pronountiation. I'm going to read English newspapers 3-4 times a week and I'll learn all the new words included in the texts. I'll learn the correct pronountiation.
I'll also watch movies and listen to the radio.
I hope to realize my plan.

Do My Best---for 30 days-8

Sunday, January 27th, 2014
In August 2005, my family camped in Algonquin Provincial Park.It is a very beautiful park.I liked walking in the forests, fishing in the lakes and watching the many stars in the sky at nights, but I like rowing on the lakes more.
One day, we rented two canoes. My wife and I rode on a canoe. My daughter, son-in-law and my granddaughter rode on the other canoe (my younger granddaughter wasn't born yet). We all wore life jackets and rowed on Smoke Lake. There were many canoes on the lake. Some motorboats passed by our canoes. They aroused big waves that shook our canoes. We were scared of the waves.
We spent lots of time rowing around a small island. We all were very good. When it was time to go home, I took a deep breath. We were relaxed for moments. As a motorboat neared our canoes, I quickly told my daughter to lift their paddles out of the water to keep her boat from tipping. The motor boat passed us quickly, but the waves that were aroused by the motorboat shook our canoes fiercely. Abruptly, my canoe tilted right, I quickly switched my body weight onto my left side to avoid tipping. It swayed quickly to the left, so I leaned to the right.Suddenly, the canoe capsuled, my wife and I were launched into the cold, numbing water. Luckily we were wearing life jackets because the water was very deep.
When we resurfaced, I told my wife to hold onto the edge of the canoe tightly. I could hear the rest of my family screaming to see if we were okay from the distance. My granddaughter burst into tears, bawling so loud that you could hear from across the lake. I yelled to my daughter to raise her paddle into the air to signal a motorboat to save us. Everyone on the lake caught on, but no motorboat came.
"We can't wait for someone to save us." I said to my wife. So we slowly swam to the nearest patch of land, a heavy canoe in tow. My daughter rowed to the dock to get help. As we neared the land, two kind women rowed their canoe to us, helped us get to safety, and dumped the water out of our canoe for us. We thanked them and rowed back to the dock.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days -7

Saturday, January 25th, 2014
I'm sorry, I have to be absent from my English classes, because I made an appointment with a doctor for a check up next Tuesday and to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my family. Last Thursday, my wife and I came to our daughter's house. 
It is a good opportunity for me to see my daughter, son, and granddaughters. My little granddaughter who's name is Cindy ran out of the house and hugged me tightly. Then she asked me to play with her. My elder granddaughter, named Sherry, told me about life at her school and helped me learn English. In the evening, we sat around the table and they listen to me tell a story.
Long long ago, there was a frog who was a prince. He wanted to marry a beautiful female frog. The frog prince spent many years looking for the most beautiful female frog in the world. Sure enough, he found a beautiful female frog, then they got married. Next year, they had first frog baby  who was very ugly.
The prince was very angry and  yelled his wife: "Why our baby looks like a toad?" His wife answered: "It was similar to me who was reshaped before 5 years ." "Can I believe my eyes?" the prince was immobilized by shock.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Do My Best--- for 30 days-6

Friday, January 24th, 2014
My daughter has two daughters. Her elder daughter is Sherry, and an younger daughter is called Cindy. They are happy girls. I lived with them for long time. I love them very much.
Sherry is 13 years old and a student in grade 8. Cindy who is 7 years old is a student in grade 2. They have to learn many skills after school, such as skating, dancing, swimming, playing piano, playing ping pong and drawing. They have to play piano every day for more than one hour, so they both hate it. They both like drawing, and  often draw things for me. I love them and like their pictures.
We usually play together. They both listen to me when I tell stories. I feel they also love me. I feel very happy.
I think about why they must learn so many skills. They early have heavy work and seldom play. My daughter is a tiger mum? One day, I talk with Sherry for long time. I have known she is one of the best students in the Joshua Creek Public School. She's number 1 in many of her classes. "I like playing piano now" she told  me, "I have gotten to level 10 piano. If I'm unhappy I could play piano for a few time."
So far, I know that the more knowledge you have, the more experienced and understanding you get.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do My Best--for 30 days-5

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
If you ask somebody that If you were to have one million dollars, what would you first do? 85% of people answer you to travel. also like traveling. I almost went throughout all China. I had experienced both adventure and happiness.
More than ten years ago, I traveled to the Mountain E-Mei. It is famous for beautiful sights. Its altitude is more than 3,000 m. I stood on the peak of the Mountain E-Mei. The sky was very clear and the visibility was very good. I saw other mountains, they were very small! I watched the sun gradually raiding, it had been getting light red and bright from dark red. I was excited by the beautiful sights. If you saw it, you would never forget it.
In the evening, I came back to my hotel. The sky grew dark as night. I wanted to take a short-cut to the hotel, so I choose a small path for walking. Past about 30 minutes, the path ended against a cliff! I was scared! The sky was dark, I could see light from the hotel. I had to come back the original trail allowing the path. I heard some people spoke! I deep breathed and relaxed. I quickly joined them to go to the hotel. Finally I was safe. I was very easy in the hotel.

I have a resolution within 30 days to improve my language especially to speak.I decided watching an English movie once in week,listening to the News for an hour.I hope studying all things that I learn in the center every day

Don't put in1/2 of the effort unless you're okay with1/2 of the results

Hello everyone ,many young people think If you put in 1/2 of the effort to do thing, the result well show you just1/2 of the results. We don't learn this way ,we  need put 100% of the effort to do thing, we can get100% of the result. This good way for you to try hard and get a good result.



In this New Year My solution is to improve on my English .The  steps I will take is to watch 20 minutes of English TV everyday with my kids , Listen to the radio and read the newspaper everyday and have a good conversation with my friends ,classmates  ,and  my teacher .I  will try these steps for 30 days and after 30days I will see how I did ,and  find out how I did.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do My Best--for 30 days-4

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
Chinese New Year is coming. Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China. My good friends called me for celebrating New Year for last days.
I have been in Canada for more than 3 years. I had worked as a teacher for more than 40 years in China. Three years past,  my colleagues don't forget me, I have been missing them.
Mr. Liu. is 55 years old now. He had been not only my colleague but also my classmate at the Jiaotong University. He likes traveling and swimming like me. We almost went throughout all China. We had experienced both adventure and happiness together. How I need some fiends in Canada! I believe I can find a good friend as Mr. Liu, if my English is a good enough. That reminds me to study English harder.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


What's up everyone! have a good meddle of the week. I am going to talk about my 30 day's challenge.

I Alonso Canas have promised  myself watch an English movie twice a week, this is one of hundreds of ways to improve our English as pronunciation as listening. The point is watch a movie without closed caption system, like that you would be forced to listen, being the most difficult   part of learning English or any language Even though,we sometimes do not understand our born language. Another point I've proposed to do is reduce pretty much every thing in my native language as well. Guys, why do we not try to speak more time in English than what we are speaking? let's think about. One more stuff that I am doing and I will continue doing is having an English conversation every day as at work as at home as outside. Here is a tip to follow for you; if somebody is speaking to you in a while and you do not get what they are saying, do not feel stress, just ask again and relax! remember guys, life is very wonderful do not make it hard and difficult, just let it to flow on yourself.

Alonso Canas.

Do My Best--for 30 days-3

Tuesday, January 21,  2014
I have been in Canada for more than three years. I had experienced Canada's winter and known how cold it was, but I was shocked at so low temperature today. It was -24, the real feel was -33!
I decided to go to school. I leaked a little air out my bicycle tires in order to increase friction between the tires and ground suffice. I wore the thermal undershirt, the thick down jacket with a hood, the tuque, the gloves and the boots. I  was bundled up against cold. In the morning, I rode my bike to the school. A chill wind blew against my face and I felt it in my bones through my clothes. I felt my blood would have frozen. In order to study English,  run!
I hate Canadian winter and I also hate Chinese summer. In China the summer is very hot. The air were so wet, that I could almost drink it and hardly breath.  If I were to live in Canada in the summer and to live in China in the winter, how nice it would be!
My 30 days challenge.

Making a new habit takes time, some say it takes about 30 days. For me, to speak and write a good English maybe will take time, but with more practices for these both skills could help me to be better . Like, read an English stories, listen to English songs, and ........ etc . I like challenges , and I'm going to watch an English movie once a week for 30 days . So i hope i will do that .
I wanted to improve my English and listen. I wanted to spelling, writing because my English is bad for a newcomer, i wanted to practice more assignment to progress. I need to correct my problem alone without people, the pronunciation is the most difficult against.

English movie is number one in my life because he changes my speaking. English movie help me to improve my pronunciation.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Do My Best--For 30 days-2

  • The hardest thing is to fight against myself for me in the word. I must not to be lazy and arrogant. My English will be prominent improved, If I keep daily writing a paragraph in English.
  • People all say, easy to make, hard to keep. In order to keep writing a paragraph daily for 30 days, I hope to write my blog in the Morning English, so that classmates can encourage me. 
  • I have been learning English for about 30 years, but I first went to an English class in Canada. I excel at reading and writing English. As my listening and speaking English are not so good, I have to plan to improve them. That is my new year resolution, I hope it will come true. 

Assignment 2: What are you doing to try for 30 days?

 Assignment 2!

Making a new habit takes time, some say it takes about 30 days.

Write about what you are going to try for 30 days.
Are you going to watch an English movie once a week?
or are you going to have an English conversation once a day?

Write about what you are going to do to improve your English - and try it for 30 days!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

No pain no gain--------------suqiong

The most prominent revolution education Mr.Teli xu said : "no pain, no gain." that is the life in the world, if you want to learn, you must toil, pay a labor as a man sows,so he shall reap.
Like Madame Curie, her childhood love studying very much, even stories speak fluently,but she never proud, or verger hard to read, she liked to dad's room to see chemicals, which made her start to have strong interest in chemistry. Finally invented the radium. As a result of her efforts to become the first get the Nobel Prize for women around the world. So as long as down-to-earth industriously, gain  something.

I agree with this post, And thats mean if i put 1/2 of the effort in any work i did , I will get 1/2 result . For example ,  I made a cake, but i was too lazy to make it , so Im not gonna put 100% work on it , And if i do that , i wont expect my cake will be great , Because i didnt try  my best to make the best cake.
So we have to put all our interest and energy when we do anything to achieve your goal and to have the best result .

Weakness vs Fortress.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, have a good night. I am going to talk about this topic to you.

If you offer a goal whatever it is, you have to go deeply in it and raze the barriers and obstacles that it puts you, facing what hinders you. Try to get implements and knowledge , anyways you must get all what you need. Be aware of your life in everything, do not waste your time badly, doing crap and stupid things. let's take advantage of our free time to make interesting and important things which are to raise you spiritually and mentally. Concluding, do not stop what you propose to make.


hi every one I want to say to you .If you want to must work hard,But if you are okay with half success you put half effort.Example:
when you study English you must attend everyday.
This is not only every things but also you must addition other things,like you are listening to radio,watching T.V programs English,reading Newspaper,story and you must communicate with  the society .
So you put 100  percent of your effort to you obtain 100 percent  result

As you work,As you take.

Good morning everyone. It means for me not' necessary work hard enough for the result I'm seeking.I agree with that opinion ,so You must have clear goals First,then you can work hard,You have to look ,before you go Then, you can get the best way to go.For ex,before I came to Canada, I tried to learn english by my self so I was studied but ,I can't speak English now,I have been in school and I study hard in home so, I can speak English.On my culture as you work,as you take.Work1/2 =result 1/2.

Achieve your goals

First of all you need to know what you want and what you love. when you know what you want you must push yourself with all your strength to achieve you goal. Is not easy make a decision to go somewhere, but I did. I push myself to come to Canada for a better life. My goal was to have nice family and nice life here, and my goal were achieved. My next goal will be to improve my English.

Good effort = good results

The text in the poster is a message of good job. Good work is necessery to achieve good results. You can't expect a good grade, good payment for your work if you do not put in  proper effort. If you want a good effect, you must to work as best as possible.

Try something new for 30 days !

Film, Photos and Fun Fridays!

Today is Friday !
This is our "film" for friday. It is the perfect ending to our theme about
making positive changes in our lives.
What will you try for 30 days? Post what you will try in the comment to this post.

What am I going to do?
I will take a photo each day when I go for a walk and post it on flikr or FB...

Take the 30 day challenge!

100% in everything we do

We have to put 100% in everything we can do. So we can receive 100% back. Also we must be  patient in the things we do.

Paper is not dead - הנייר לא מת

A funny video for Film Fridays - enjoy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We need to put love ,interest ,wisdom and effort in everything, we do to achieve our goals.
If we just put little effort, we will not achieve what we hope.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do My Best

Chinese people say that people fall short of success for lack of a final effort. It means that no one should put in 1/2 of the effort, unless they're okay with 1/2 of  the result. I remember a Chinese story. Once upon a time, there was a young man living in a village. One year, there hadn't been rain for about four months. He decided to dig a well. He looked for a place where perhaps was a fountain. He started to dig and dig. He spent much time to dig the well, but there was nothing. He decided to give up and to find a new place. His father knew about it. "son, to abandon work that has been seriously undertaken is a failure to succeed for lack of a final effort. Why do you discontinue you effort?" his father said. The young man listened to his father and dug the hole deeper. Sure enough water filled the well. If you want to succeed in life, you don't put in 1/2 of the effort, unless you're okay with 1/2 of the result.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Assignment 1

Good Morning Class!
I would like you to read the above poster. Discuss this with friends and family. What does it mean?
Then, when you know what it means, write a blog post (1 paragraph) about what this means to you.
It should be finished by Thursday. Watch for other student's posts and make comments on them during the week. We will review the blog on Friday to see what all of you have said on the blog.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: Dr. Mike video

We watched this video in class on Friday. Watch the video and think about Dr. Mike's message. Did you learn anything new?