Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year--for 30 days-12

Thursday, January 30, 2014 Today is Chinese New Year Eve. Throughout China people Are celebrating Cninese New year.The traditions to celebrate New Year started before about 3500 years. In China, people think anybody can forget something to bring unhappy memories and begin new life. So people display fireworks and firecrackers to get rid of evil spirits and hang red lanterns outdoor, so that some gods can find their houses and give them happiness and fortune. The families all usually celebrate New Year together. Wherever they work, most people always come back home to reunite with their families. Chinese people spend 15 days to celebrate this festival. Most families may enjoy Chinese food and feast away. It is time to help the poor people in Chinese New Year. Many wolunteers may give the poor people money and some presents. Nowadays, it is different from before 20 years to celebrate New Year. People have the holiday for 7 days for Chinese New Year. Some people may travel to different places among the New Year. Most people may take part in New Year Parties. Chinese people went over all the world already. they brought Chinese New Year to all the world. Now we can see Chinese people celebrate New Year in different countries. Chinese New Year no t on l y belongs to China, also to the world.


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