Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days-10

Studying English is a difficult experience and a long process.
Today is a day when I see the doctor who made an apoitment with me. My daughter drove me to the hospital and let me to register by myself. It's a good opportunity for me to practice speaking English.
 I found a medical information office. A woman told me to go along a corrido and to go downstair, then turned on the left. We quickly found the register office. A young girl asked me some questions, such as doctor's name, birthday, address, phone number and so on. She told us go up to the third floor and to find ENT office. It's ok! "You have a good job!" my daughter said to me.
On the third floor, we found the doctor's office and waited for about 15 minutes. The doctor came in. He asked my daughter some questions. I heard some words, such as blood, bleed, feel, how long, hobbies etc. He told me not worrying, after he checked my nose.
I thought perhaps I understand him, but I couldn 't heard every word he said, so I couldn't exectly understood his means. I have to spend more time to practice speaking English. I believe "No pain, No gain!"


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