Friday, January 31, 2014

The First Day of New Year---for 30 days-13

Friday, Janaury 31st, 2014
Today is the first day of Chines New Year. It is all Chinese people's birthdays, because all Chinese people ages are plused one year. In this morning, parents may give their kids some lucky money that are wrapped with red peper. On their doors People paste red peper.  There are some words, such as lick, happiness, rich, more money and so on on the peper. Today is a day when people visit their parents and good fiends. If they meet friends, they could say "Happy New Year or good luck." Just right, today is Friday in Canada. Our some friends are free, we reunit at my daughter's house. We enjoyed delicious Chonese foods and talked about our country. We came different places, but it is same that our homeland were changed very much. When a friend came back to China, he couldn't found his old home, because it was moved to a new area.

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