Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do My Best--for 30 days-5

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
If you ask somebody that If you were to have one million dollars, what would you first do? 85% of people answer you to travel. also like traveling. I almost went throughout all China. I had experienced both adventure and happiness.
More than ten years ago, I traveled to the Mountain E-Mei. It is famous for beautiful sights. Its altitude is more than 3,000 m. I stood on the peak of the Mountain E-Mei. The sky was very clear and the visibility was very good. I saw other mountains, they were very small! I watched the sun gradually raiding, it had been getting light red and bright from dark red. I was excited by the beautiful sights. If you saw it, you would never forget it.
In the evening, I came back to my hotel. The sky grew dark as night. I wanted to take a short-cut to the hotel, so I choose a small path for walking. Past about 30 minutes, the path ended against a cliff! I was scared! The sky was dark, I could see light from the hotel. I had to come back the original trail allowing the path. I heard some people spoke! I deep breathed and relaxed. I quickly joined them to go to the hotel. Finally I was safe. I was very easy in the hotel.


  1. wow! a cliff so close to the hotel - I guess there weren't a lot of lights on the path!

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  3. My hotel nears the mountain. You can see it, if you stand on the cliff.


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