Saturday, January 25, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days -7

Saturday, January 25th, 2014
I'm sorry, I have to be absent from my English classes, because I made an appointment with a doctor for a check up next Tuesday and to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my family. Last Thursday, my wife and I came to our daughter's house. 
It is a good opportunity for me to see my daughter, son, and granddaughters. My little granddaughter who's name is Cindy ran out of the house and hugged me tightly. Then she asked me to play with her. My elder granddaughter, named Sherry, told me about life at her school and helped me learn English. In the evening, we sat around the table and they listen to me tell a story.
Long long ago, there was a frog who was a prince. He wanted to marry a beautiful female frog. The frog prince spent many years looking for the most beautiful female frog in the world. Sure enough, he found a beautiful female frog, then they got married. Next year, they had first frog baby  who was very ugly.
The prince was very angry and  yelled his wife: "Why our baby looks like a toad?" His wife answered: "It was similar to me who was reshaped before 5 years ." "Can I believe my eyes?" the prince was immobilized by shock.


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