Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days-8

Sunday, January 27th, 2014
In August 2005, my family camped in Algonquin Provincial Park.It is a very beautiful park.I liked walking in the forests, fishing in the lakes and watching the many stars in the sky at nights, but I like rowing on the lakes more.
One day, we rented two canoes. My wife and I rode on a canoe. My daughter, son-in-law and my granddaughter rode on the other canoe (my younger granddaughter wasn't born yet). We all wore life jackets and rowed on Smoke Lake. There were many canoes on the lake. Some motorboats passed by our canoes. They aroused big waves that shook our canoes. We were scared of the waves.
We spent lots of time rowing around a small island. We all were very good. When it was time to go home, I took a deep breath. We were relaxed for moments. As a motorboat neared our canoes, I quickly told my daughter to lift their paddles out of the water to keep her boat from tipping. The motor boat passed us quickly, but the waves that were aroused by the motorboat shook our canoes fiercely. Abruptly, my canoe tilted right, I quickly switched my body weight onto my left side to avoid tipping. It swayed quickly to the left, so I leaned to the right.Suddenly, the canoe capsuled, my wife and I were launched into the cold, numbing water. Luckily we were wearing life jackets because the water was very deep.
When we resurfaced, I told my wife to hold onto the edge of the canoe tightly. I could hear the rest of my family screaming to see if we were okay from the distance. My granddaughter burst into tears, bawling so loud that you could hear from across the lake. I yelled to my daughter to raise her paddle into the air to signal a motorboat to save us. Everyone on the lake caught on, but no motorboat came.
"We can't wait for someone to save us." I said to my wife. So we slowly swam to the nearest patch of land, a heavy canoe in tow. My daughter rowed to the dock to get help. As we neared the land, two kind women rowed their canoe to us, helped us get to safety, and dumped the water out of our canoe for us. We thanked them and rowed back to the dock.


  1. What a great experience! There is a way to get back in your canoe by yourself - I will have to show you - you use your paddles...

  2. I'm good at swimming, for I grew up near a big river.


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