Monday, January 27, 2014

Do My Best---for 30 days-9

China is my homeland. I have left it for more than 3 years. I have been missing my homeland, and missing my friends in China.
China takes memorable progresses every day. Its changed statuses is inconceivable for me. My friends told me that new Hefei Internal Airport finished, it's the forth biggest airport in China. In Hefei, there is either a mew freeway around the city, or a first subway. I worried about how finding the roads to my house, if I' ll go back home. Buildings are higher and more beautiful than before 3 years. My friends' houses are bigger and more comfutable. It is more important that they take more money!  
The friend also told me that the pollution is getting heavier in Hefei. The sky is light blue and grey. In morning, there often is smog in the city. Those bad news cann't stop me missing my homeland. China has  a famous proverb, perhaps our mother isn't beautiful enough,  but we all also love our mother. I love my homeland.

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