Sunday, January 26, 2014

Smaller challenge

Challenge is important in our life to chieve our goals, but the challenge for 30days ,I think it's easy for every one, so It is small challenge ,I love it ,so,First you make your habits,Then your habits makes you,so if you make the same thing every day for 30days, you can't stop it after 30days finished.It becomes routine.I want improve my English so I will use this idea,I will watch English movies everyday for30days.I want know more vocabulary And I get better listening,speaking after that I start new challenge ,How to manage conversation?.I think challenge such as jealousy,It is always motivates a person to function better.When I look around us, we find most of people speak English,This thing encourage us to challenge our self. Finally our life is difficult , we need more challenge.

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  1. jealousy - a very human motivator! :) Keep talking and watching movies/tv Rania - and your English will improve!


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