Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Young’s challenge is not only 30days!

This is my last assignment. I had in trouble. So I"m uploading now..
When I watched the youtube, I had a motivation. Because I usually thought to improve about my English. Just thought, didn’t have plan.. after watched I thought what I have to improve it?

   Actually, before New Year I had four resolutions to improve my English.
First is to borrow a easy book once a week and read the book.
Second is after read to write the story.
Third is to study grammar to use computer for an hour three times a week at home.
Fourth is to make friends. I didn’t say “hi, hello and how are you” first.  I think I’m shy.  So I’ll try to say “hi” first and practice speaking.

All of my plan was just plan. I didn’t try all. But now I’m doing all of them for two days.
 Can I write a novel like that man?  
  Will I speak fluent English?

  I’ll try it everyday not only 30days. I’ll keep going when I get lever 5.

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