Friday, February 28, 2014

Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My weakness

It's very difficult to talk about our weaknesses. I'll try.
One of my weakness is impatience.
I realized this trait when the situation lasts too long, I'm getting nervous. I don't like to wait, to do the same tasks over and over again, or wait in the line even for a short time. I do everything fast, often too fast.
When I saw on the Marcella's poster that spring is coming, I'm asking, why so late?
At my age it's difficult to change but now, I think: be patient, spring is coming in March, sure.
It's never too late to learn, it's never too late to change. We learn a lifetime!

My weakness

One of my weakness is that i can be profuse. When i have money i want to buy many thing which i dispensable . I realized this was a problem because i keep spending my money on useless things. I am working on being more careful spending the money and trying to learn how to save .

For me, one of my weaknesses is that I can't be organized. I realized this was a problem when i got married and have my baby because my responsibilities became more and more. so sometimes,  I started to focus on some work that is unnecessary and not complete the rest , so I'm working on being more organized by making and following my  new orderly routine schedule to make my daily routine more in order.

My Weaknesses

One of my weaknesses is that I can be too unorganized and can't manage time. I realized that because one day I had so much to do that I didn't know how to finish everything. I'm working on being more organize by making schedule.

Young's weakness

One of my weaknesses is that I can be too finished befor duedate on tasks or projets or homeworks that I don't try to my best.  I realized this was problem example, when I had homework I always did.  but I didn't have high mark.  I am working on playing attention to my problem by checkimg more than three times.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Weaknesses

One of my weaknesses is that I can be too Persistent so that I can keep doing my projects day in and day out untill I finish it.  I wasn't usually relaxed enough.  I realized this was a problem that damaged my healthy. My body was so weak, that my ability didn't equal to  my ambition. I' m working on planning a schedule for my actions and keeping working out.


Dear Class,

Thanks for writing a blog post about your strengths and weaknesses for Assignmnet 5.
It is a good first effort.

Now I would like to Fine-tune it (make it better, stronger, more focused)

This week, I would like you to make some changes to what you wrote about your weaknesses.
Here is a simple formula to use:

1. DEFINE:  One of my weaknesses is that I can be _____________________
2. REALIZE PROBLEM:  I realized this was a problem because_____________
3. SOLUTION:  I am working on being more _______ by doing ____________

Susan's Example:
One of my weaknesses is that I can be too focused on one task or project that I don't pay attention to my emails until the project is finished. I realized this was a problem when my co-workers were frustrated with me for not responding to their questions or requests on time. I am working on paying attention to my emails by setting a routine for checking them 3 times a day - first in the morning, again at lunch and finally before the end of the workday.

Please finish your changes for Monday, March 3.

Hi  Marcella ,

I would like to inform you that i can't come today and tomorrow, because my husband works these two days at the morning shift .

Thank's ,


Monday, February 24, 2014

About my strengths and my weakness

I am going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weakness. I am an out-going, easy-going, hate to make mistakes, helpful, responsible, kind, organised and hardworking. I am a kind person because I like to help people when they need help and also I am very fast to do things, like cooking, organized the house, taking care of my family. Help people give some ideas and planning .There are my strengths. My weakness are that; I'm very shy to speak English in front of many people I don't know because my English is not good enough to speak with people I don't know , sometimes they don't understand what I'm saying that's my weakness, I hope  in the future my English will improve I will do the best I can do. 

About Young!

  I am going to talk about my strengh and weakness.

  I'm a good planner to work and travel but I am not try to do the best

  When I worked I always finished project before due date.  Also when  my family and I go to camping or travel that I prepare every stuffs alone except reservations and tickets. So I always use my phone that recards my schedules and any message.

My one of weakness is do not someting the best.  If I have  homework I do always.  but I do not the best.  So I get few wrong. If I try do more my skills and position can raised up.

I hope I try to the best for my English.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

About Siem

I am going to discuss about one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses.
I'm a very good orientate person but I don't like procrastinated . However this make me a stressful person when I can't finish something as soon as I'm a fast worker, this is my strengths point. But sometime I'm not able to finish the work by faster , because the situation is not simple and I can't make a dicision quick enough ,because I'm a person who afraid to make a mistake ,that is my weakness  point.
In conclusion  since I have a hard time when something is not done, I have to calm down and learn more about the situation before getting too stressed out.

My strength and weakness

Everybody has strength's point and weakness's points , today i am going to speak about mine.
I am helpful , responsible , kind ,organised and hard worker .All my life , i organised the 24 hours of the day between my work , my home and my family .
Every day of my life , i learned some thing new , such as cooking new recipes , sewing ....and many more .
Now i am going to learn English , my weakness point is that i can't work in a team work , in my class i work with many students , but i feel like i can't understand quickly , but when i return at home i can understand most of the lessons .
I am working on learning new skills and trying to make effort working with other students ,and resist shy and work as a team .

I am going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses

    I am a honest person but I' mnot a brave.
    I was always honest about everything's. I'm a trustworthy and genuine person. But, sometimes I can't brave speak my right view to other. I'm afraid they are not happy. Brave speak my right view to other isn't my strong suit but I don't want to tell a lie.
    Brave isn't my strng suit, so I chose the teacher this industry to be honest with children.

my personality

I am to talk abut my strengths and mi weakness.
I am a kind person ,because a like to help other people also I am very fast a doing thinks, like cooking  I think that these are my strengths.  My weakness are that very shine for example when I speak English in front of many people I get nervous but I think that this feeling is normal because this is not my first language.  Now I trying to talk more to other people.


About me

      I am going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses.

      I am an organized, responsible, hard-working and kind. I am honest but sometimes I am shy and impatient

      I am sometimes very shy and impatient. I am very organized, responsible and hard-working. I know this because I work at home and keep everything organized. I am very shy and I don't talk to many people, when I am in a crowd I usually wait near the back or stay with the people I know. I prefer to be with the people who are closest to me.

     These are my strengths and weaknesses. I hope to be less shy and less impatient. I like to keep being organized and kind to others.

About Me

I'm going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weakness. I am kind person who is honest, calm and friendly, but sometimes I'm very shy and scared. I'm afraid to try new things because I'm always shy. I have to fight my fear and to be more strong I teach my children they must be strong confident themselves and to not be like me. Through life to fight to be strong and successful if you shy and quiet you can't succeed. I have to fight my fear and try new things.

     I am going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weaknesess.


    I am a honest and upstanding person but I'm not hard. I'm emotional
( it's my weaknesess).


    I am a very  honest in the thing, straightforward, trustworthy and fine in the work. I'm genuine, and open, sometimes I have flaws. But I,am consistent with facts and reality without emotional. Emotional is not my natural gift knowing it can help me better Understand the right treatment for my chronic illness (emotional). When I have a serious situation in front of me: I panic.


   Emotional is not my natural gift but i had to make a effort. And I would like to say calm when a serious situations come to me.

The interview is really important to an employee and employer As,employee can get a job ,employer can choose the right person who can manage the position.I'm going to take about one of my strength and one of my weakness,I'm the kind of who is good listener,When I teach to kids ,I 'm passion to listen to them,When they speak ,I don't interrupt them and allow to them to take time to speech and I can help them to find out source of problem.The same thing when I talk to friends or others or my kids .Now ,I'm going to taIk about one of my weakness that I'm too worried to make a mistake so I always blame and punish my self That make me not comfortable sometimes .For example when I went to learn, How I can drive a car?,The first time I felt I never can do it after that I felt I'm depressed then I left it. So, I always ask my self why I can't ,every one can drive , but now I puch my self to try again why that very important for me and my kids , but this year I challenge my self to develop my skills, So I will avoid my weakness.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Different Dalson

I'm Dalson from China. I'm the kind of person who is calm, stable, careful, curious,smart, funny and hard working. Specially, I'm persistent very much.
When I was a child, my teacher told me, "If you want to succeed, you have to do your best and keep doing as long as required." I never forget this sentence. If I decide to do somethings, I never give it up. In order to make myself to be persistent, I do my best. When I do any things, I must ask myself can I keep doing till ending? In 1982, I learned to do Tai Chi. Since that time, I do Tai Chi every day until now. In order to study English, I almost always attend English class. When the weather was -26 Celcius and the real feels liked -35 Celcius, I went to school in time yet. I noticed most of students were absent for the morning class.
"When we have a strength, we always have a connected weakness,"Marcella told me. Bingo! My strength is persistent,but my weak point is persistent too. In 1995, I learned to play basketball. I couldn't run fast, so I practiced to shoot at a fixed point. From that time, I had persevered with playing basketball every morning until 2012. Raining, snowing and wind couldn't stop me playing basketball. One day, it was snowing, I got up ant went to play basketball in time. One and half hours past, the playground was covered by snow, but the place there I played basketball appeared yet. I was famous for basketball skills in the Anhui Jianzhu University. My friends thought I was stubborn.
I know I'm persistent, but I keep a weakness persistently yet. I think God is fair!

Notice About Me.

I'm going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weakness. I'm a very brave and strong person, but I get scared in some situations . They're opposites of the same thing . I'm a very brave and strong person and I'm not a fraid to try something new . Like, trying on a strange clothes or trying a new scary rides. But I'm scared of  high places and start feeling dizzy. For example, trying a very high rides or go up to the high buildings or towers like CN Tower . I have to fight my fear and to be more stronger and braver than before.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Assignment 5 Due Monday Feb 24

Hello Class!
Assignment 5 is due on Monday, February 24.

We have been describing ourselves and describing others in preparation for our Interview module that begins next week. You will be practicing your answers to some of the most common and most important interview questions, so get used to talking about yourself!

For Assignment 5, I would like you to tell us about your personal strengths and weaknesses.
When we have a strength, we always have a connected weakness. For example, if we are very organized we probably cannot manage very well in chaos.

So please think about your one great strength and  your one great weakness and write a paragraph describing them.

Remember to use proper paragraph structure:
1 Introduction (introduce the topic)
2 Main statment/Topic sentence (this is true/this is my opinion about the topic)
3  Explain or describe with a few (2 or more) details or examples
4 Conclusion


Intro: I am going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses.

Main statement/Topic sentence: I am a very creative and spontaneous person but I am not a naturally good planner. They are opposites of the same thing.

Explanation I am good at thinking on my feet and coming up with new ideas in a few seconds. I can also jump into an activity without any planning or notice. Planning is not my natural gift so I've had to work on becoming better at it. I realized that making it easy for me to plan is the best idea. Automatic withdrawl for savings and investments is easy and I don't have to think about it. Having a calendar on my cellphone is easy to access because I take my phone everywhere.
Conclusion: Planning is not my natural gift so I had to make a plan! :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

assignment 4

I am a very strong person. I am a very hard worker. In life i have been through a lot which help me become strong. I love doing anything and everything. I am not picky about things. I enjoy every small moment of happiness in life. I am very positive.

long weekend

For long weekend i stay home with my family. I had fun time with my children. It was my son's birthday on the family day monday, so we all go to party at his girlfriend's house, i met her family for first time and they are very nice people. her mom baked cake it was so delicious and we had dinner with afgani rice i made and chicken. it was nice family weekend.

Long weekend

During the weekend and family day I stayed at home with my grand-sons. I watched T.V. for the winter olympics. I like figure skating.
Canada's was a very beautiful games. On Sunday I went to church with
my family. We ate lunch because it was the lead pastor's birthday.
We ate soup, rice and beef, other than that I have been doing my daily routine.


My 30 day's challenge was watching movie once a week .  It was great and enjoyable time that I have ever been before  . Because that kind of challenge was new and beneficial for me . Watching English movies helps you to improve you'r English language. My first movie was Grown Up 2  it was comedy movie. The second was The Legend of 1900 it was romantic movie .  the third one was Metro which  was an action movie . And finally the last one that I watched it yesterday was Jack The Giant Slayer which had many action scenery in this legend movie .  I hope you watch these movies it's for fun .

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank You, My Teacher---for 30 days-30

Monday, January 17th, 2014
At 66 years old, I met a good teacher named Marcella. Marcella is tall with long and curly hair. She is the kind of person who is calm, patient, friendly, good faith, funny, considerate and organized. She is hardworking.
Our class includes the students from level 3 to level 5. They came from different countries. It is very difficult to make all students understand English and use it, but the most of the students are satisfied, so we think she is a good teacher.
How does she teach students well? Except she is persistent enough, she researches some methods to teach students. Marcella created Morning English Blog and organized a afternoon conversation group. Marcella usually give us some home works on the line. She encourages us more to practice. She usually replays our paragraphs. She gave me 17 comments and commented all my homeworks. Not only she pointed some problems in the paragraphs, she also encouraged me keeping doing.
"An excellent idea Dalson! Writing everyday will be very good for your English fluency-but talk talk talk!"Marcella wrote on January 21.
 "What a great experience! There is a way to get back in your canoe by yourself-I will have to show you-you use your paddles..." After my paragraph she wrote on January 27, 2014. What a good teacher! Thank you-my teacher!
On Friday my nephew came from the hospital we were happy and busy.On Saturday 4 family from US and London ON visited my nephew and they slept in my house we played some games On Sunday night we ate togather for Family Day and they left .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mr. Donguo And a Wolf---for 30 days-29

Sunday, February 16th, 2014
Long long ago, there was a country named Zhongshan. Mr.Donguo who was a school teacher lived in Zhongshan's capital---Tang.
One day, Mr.Donguo leashed his donkey and went to another city. He put some books into a cotton bag, then put it on the donkey 's back. When he was walking on the far way from Tang, a wolf hurriedly rushed out. The wolf  crawled ahead and faced against Mr. Donguo. The wolf asked him for help by crying pitifully, "Help me! Help me! Sir. Some hunters are after me to want to kill me."
Mr. Dong Guo hid the wolf in his bag and put it on the donkey's back again. When the hunters came and asked him if he had seen any wolf, he lay. The hunters left and the wolf was saved.
After that, the wolf got out of the bag and jumped at Mr. Donguo with sharp teeth. "You must not kill me. It's me to save you,"he yelled. "Thank you! But I'm very hungry, I will be death because of hunger. If you want to help me, you must let me eat you,"the wolf said. "It's unfair! We have to find others to assess who is correct."Mr. Donguo said. "Ok! But a number of the people can't be more than three,"the wolf answered.
While the wolf saw a old date tree beside the road, he said:"we ask the old tree." "Sir, I saved this wolf. Must I be killed by the wolf? "Mr. Donguo asked the old tree. "When I was young, people ate my dates. Now, I'm old, people want to cut me for burning. According this reason you should be eaten," the date tree answered. The wolf wanted to kill Mr. Donguo. "Wait! Wait! Do you see that cow? We may ask her,"Mr. Donguo said loudly. "When I was young, people drunk my milk. Now, I'm old, the people want to kill me and eat beef. According this reason you should be eaten," the cow answered.
When the wolf jumped at him with sharp teeth again, just right a old farmer came here."Stop! Stop!"Mr. Donguo cried,"If this person think you are right, I agree with you eating me. "Why do you kill this master?" the farmer asked the wolf. "He put me into his cotton bag. I had been suffocated and nearly shocked in that bag. I must eat him," the wolf said loudly. "Is true? The bag is too small to hide you. Can you prove what you said for us?" The wolf got into the bag again and it was tied up as before.
"What are you waiting for?" asked the old man to Mr. Donguo. "Why don't you kill him right now?" Only then did Mr.Doguo wake up to reality. And the wolf was put to death.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A accident---for 30 days-28

Saturday , February 15th, 2014
It's very bad that my daughter had an accident yesterday. When I  heard the bad news I decided immediately to visit my daughter. Thank God, at least my daughter didn't get hurt.
Yesterday, my daughter drove on the Winston Churchil Blvd. She stopped and waited for turning on the left onto the Dundas St. While the traffic get red and she was turning on the left, a young man trove a car and rushed out. She clearly saw the man's terrified face. When she trove at top speed, but both cars crashed. She quickly got off and called 911, but her hands so were shaking, that she couldn't exactly dial correct number. Finally the police officers came there. Both drivers are very luck, they didn't get hurt, but two car were declared worthless.
I have studied how to drive for two years, so I knew that driving runs a risk. I hope every driver can carefully drive. I wish that they are safe!    

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Wife---for 30 days-27

Friday, February 14th, 2014 Tomorrow is going to be Valentine's Day. I want to write a paragraph about my wife. My wife is Gangying. She is the nicest of people who is kind, and friendly. We were classmates 56 years ago. When we studied in a same middle school she sat next to me for 3 years. After that, we went to a same high school but we were in a different classes. After 3 years I went to Tongji University to study mechanics, but she went to Anhui Medical University. Fortunately, we fell in love in 1969.  Our Universities' distance is about 1000 km. I contacted her by letters.
After we graduated from the universities, she became a doctor and I became an university teacher.
On January first, In 1972 we got married. We have two children, one Girl and one boy. She did house works, cleaning, cooking, washing and taking care of kids. She was very tired, but she was very happy. In 2006, she retired and relaxed. She was a good classmate. She is a good wife. She was a good doctor. She is a good Mother. I wish her happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm the kind of person who is optimistic,dutiful,calm,patient,hardworking,loyal,independent,and love to learn.I always feel something good is going happen to me Moreover,Everyday I work to improve my self,I have common sense ,I 'm able to solve problem,I able to control a situation rather than allow a situation control me.i'm out-going,when I make up my mind to learn English,I have made an effort and I will work more to achieve my goal.I like to travel,dance, read and meet friends but I don't like cooking. I'm modest,seldom angry but I hate to fight, I have never fight any person and I'm little a stubborn.

Jianrou's Gold Metal---for 30 days-26

Thursday, February 13th, 2014
2014 The Sochi Winter Olympics began one week before in Russia. Chinese athletes got two gold metals until February 13th. I thank them for the gold metals.
I am surprised by Jianrou Li who got a gold metal in 500m Short Track Speed Skating. This is Jianrou's  second The Winter Olympics Games. In 2010, she came in in 10th place of 500m Short Track Speed Skating. In this semifinals her result was the last one in all athletes. In the final, she stood on the most outside track in four tracks.
The final began! Jianrou was the last athlete again. Other athletes fast skated ahead and crowed each other. It dramatically happened that all the athletes except Jianrou fell down and slipped for long distance. When they returned to their tracks, Jianrou already finished her game. She got a gold metal. I congratulated her.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

how i am

                                                                 How I am

I came from a big family I'm a very patient person with every person I talk too. I have  a daughter she's a teenager and I also have a son his 6 years old. When I talk to her I'm patient also when I teach my son  how to read. When my husband inviting his friends to watch the soccer game I'm very patient with them.
I'm an honest person. When my son ask me something I try to tell him the truth. I always show who I am, also I give my friendship sincerely.
I'm kind woman .I'm romantic person.I like every things completely,It is not easy for me.although I always try but I can not realize perfection so I feel sadness.I like all people ,respect and help them.I forgive to people.I'm polite,patient and friendly.I don't brave,I like peaceful and laugh.I like sport as big bong I don't like watch strong sport as wrestling or boxer

My Kids---for 30 days-25

I have two children, a daughter named Kelly and  a son named Jimmy.
Kelly was a docile girl who studies very hard. She graduated from Science and Technology University of China (STUC) that is a famous university. Kelly got the Master Degree of Tokyo Technology University in Japan. In 1999, She has immigrated to Canada from Japan. Now she works in Xerox Research Center as chemistry engineer.
Jimmy was a clever boy who liked playing games. He decided to study computer technology and got the bachelor degree of Anhui Jianzhu University in China. In 2003, he has immigrated to Canada from China. Jimmy had studied many courses about computer technologies in Canada and became a computer engineer.
My kids study hard and I studies harder than them, so we are very happy now.


I am an active person and helpful person.I like to plan ahead and complete activit .I am interested to read about and understand healthy livestyle,and medical studies.I like to watch Tamil movie. I plan to provide aid or assistence to the orphans in the future.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dunia Tozy host of 'Open Doors' on Shaw Multicultural Channel

Multiply Cultures---for 30 days-24

Wednesday, February 11th, 2014
Canada is a country that consists of immigrants from many countries in the world. They bring different cultures. Most of the kids who were burn in Canada keep parents' cultures. My granddaughters who were burn in Canada keep either Chinese culture, or other cultures. They speak in Chinese mandarin and English,  they can speak in French and Spanish, so they have known different cultures. They wouldn't be impossible, if they had been burn in China.
I pay close attention to that they lost many Chinese traditions. They can't read Chinese books. They don't know Chinese histories. We called these kids "banana" that means Chinese skins and Canadian hearts. In this morning, teacher Dawn asked me to write "Happy New Year" in Chinese. Suddenly, I didn't know how to write. Why do we blame these kids?

Monday, February 10, 2014

About Myself

I am kind of person who is hardworking, good friend, honest, faithful and organize. I'm not very strong person and I am shy. I am very organized because everything in my house is neat and clean. I know where I put every single thing. Also I like to cook, travel, chat and go out with friends. I don't like to gossip. Also I like to help people. I have patients for everybody. I never complain and always listen to people even if they are boring or annoying. Sometimes I am very stubborn. I don't forgive people so easily if somebody hurts my feelings. I like to always be on time. I hate being late.

About Taichi---for 30 days-23

Tuesday,February 10th,2014
What do you know About Taichi?
Taichi is one of the most famous sports in China. In China People started to do Taichi about 400 years ago. There are many types of Taichi-Chen's Taichi, Sun's Taichi etc. In China Young's Tai chi is the morst popular and Chen's Taichi is the oldest.
I can do Young's Taichi. Young's Taichi was divided into many kinds-88 forms, 66 forms, 48 forms, 36 forms and 24 forms. I usually do Young's Taichi 88 forms and 24 forms. Young's Taichi 24 forms was called a simple Taichi that likes what I shew in the morning.
Taichi is the kind of sport where the players are relaxed, focused, soft, smooth, slow, stable, patient and grace. I have done Taichi for more than 35 years. I feel that it is very helpful for my health.
Do you want to learn Taichi? Watch the following videos, please!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My own description.

Hello my dear classmates, I am going to tell you who I am.

I am the kind of person who is talented, respectful, honest, life loving, hardworking, strong and why not, elegant. Also, I like somebody who likes the challenges, I am proud. However, if somebody annoys me strongly, I could explode aggressively. I am capable, I love new things and I sometimes am calm provided that nobody pisses me off a lot. I am a dependable person and you can trust on me.

What does he like?

I like pasta, rice vegetables and fruits. Anyways, I like any kind of food. I like my life and love all what I have around.  
About myself
     My Chinese Zodiac is a  Dog, and I have some characteristics this zodiac.
I'm not talented, but I'm dutiful and honest. I'm a good friend, and always ready to help if I can.
I'm really like children, and not only mine.
I'm don't like gossip and quarrel. I'm  calm and patient, but up to a certain border.
I'm kind and  not unforgiving, but sometimes I'm can be stubborn,it's my problem, but
it's my zodiac
 yours respectfully

roua ahchami

I believe that  I am honest  with my work I always come on time , finish my work ahead of time and help my co-worker organize the store display and present now ideas .
I'm always polite with customers , I feel satisfied when I see the smile on their faces when they  come back to the store
I feel very proud when the manager show my appreciation   

Describe about myself

I am  a kind of person who is kind, faithful, hardworking ,talented ,patient and lovefull families. But I'm also do something for friends whenever I can .. I like to learn new things, in my free time ,I'm interested with English and computer because all of them are interesting . I like to think first before I do something. I don't like to make a mistake and then fixe it later because  " Time is Money". I like to eat healthy food like a steam  food , boil ,barbecue and fresh vegetable spring roll etc... So I love to cook by myself more than out  going to eat.  I hate fighting ,and I don't like gossips.

A Chinese Story---for 30 days-22

Sunday, February 9th,2014
Once upon a time, a small horse and her mother lived in a house near a river. One day, the old horse was working in a mill for long time. "Could you cross a river and send a bag of flour to the village?" the old horse told the small horse and pointed a village across the river.
The small horse went to the river for sending the bag. While he came near the bank of the river,he met a cow. "May I cross the river?" the small horse asked the cow. "No problem. it is deep as my hooves." the cow said,then she went away. The small horse was crossing the river. "Stop the boy! Stop the boy!" a squirrel yelled. "Yesterday my guy drowned in the river." The small horse didn't  know how to do and decided come back to ask his mother. "The cow is taller than you and the squirrel is shorter than you. If you want to know whether you can cross the river, you have to try by yourself." The small horse went to the river again. He carefully went ahead in the river and safely reached other bank. The river neither was deeper than what the squirrel said nor shallower than what the cow said. If you really know somethings, you have to practice by yourself.
I'm the kind of person who is respectful,good friend, helpful,seldom angry,and hardworking. I am patient to learn English.


I'm the kind of person who is hardworking, good friend, dutiful, fair, honest, punctual, optimistic.  I always do what I say I will do. I am reliable. I'm outgoing when I learn English. 
I love to play squash, travel, cooking and like joke around.
I hate rumors and think negative.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Personal optimistic

I'm the kind of person who is optimistic,dutiful,calm,patient,hardworking,loyal,independent,and love to learn.I always feel something good going to me Moreover,Every day I work to improve my self,I have common sense,I'm able to solve the problem,I'm able to control a situation rather than allow a situation control me. I'm out going,when I deter mind to learn English , I have done all effort and I will work more to achieve my goal ,As my culture be or not to be.I like to travel,dancing,reading and meet friends but I don't like cooking.Im modest,seldom angry but I hate to fight I have never fighten any person and little stubborn.

About myself

I am a hard-working, honest, proud person and I can be organized,
If I am doing a project. I like to cook for my family, and I like to spend time with my grandsons, playing ping pong, eating, watching T V and going to the church with my family every Sunday.

Where there is a will, there is a way! for 30 days-21

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
To learn English is so difficult, that I sometimes think I am not a good student in English. I'm very persistent, so it isn't easy that I give it up. I keep learning English for long time, and learning English is a important part of my life.
I read a story about Hellen Keller. When, nineteen months after Helen was born, she became very sick and strange sickness made her completely blind and deaf. She wanted to communicate with others and to do what others did, and do it just as well. The study of language was especially difficult for Helen, but she could only learn about several languages, and finished all courses in the college. Finally, Hellen Keller became a famous writer and teacher. Her success encourage me to learn English as well.
There is a old story in China. Long long ago, there was a man whose name was Foolishman. He lived at a village between Mountain Taihang and Mountain Wangwu. Every day he must climb the mountain for working. He decided to dig Mountain Wangwu for building a passageway. He spent a lot of time to dig the mountain. Mr. Smartman, Foolishman's friend, told him that the mountain was too big to build the passageway. Mr. Foolishman said:"where there a will, there is a way! Even when I die, I shall have sons surviving. My sons will have their sons. My sons, grandsons,  grand-grandsons and grand-grand-grandsons aren't limited,but the mountain couldn't get bigger. Why couldn't we get successes?" God knew about it, he moved the Mountain Wangwu away.English seems a mountain that I face against. I believe that if I take as long as required, I will get successes.
I'm a wise person' and I know to give some advice when my friends need. I have the power of discern and judge.  I know to keep my family secrets.  I know if something is true or right. I'm discrete. I know to give some  advice to my kids for not doing the fault because to be wise ask many energy.  I have a lot experience for take a decision and cheer with my kids

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi Winter Olympic---for 30 days-20

Friday,Febraury 7th,2014
Today Winter Olympic ceremony was. opened in Sochi, Russua. More than 2000 athletes attended the Olympic ceremony.
The russuan history was introduced in the ceremony.

I am the kind of person who is kind, artistic, strong, bold, calm, a good friend, honest, and  easy going . I'm very brave person . I'm not afraid to try something new . Like, when I try to make a new dish for any meal . I'm an outgoing person too. I love to make many friends as i can because this is a great relation ship.  I'm patient person too .  I never complain and wait for people to finish talking or doing something, even if they are slow. I like watching T.V, playing table tines, and taking pictures of beautiful views.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Describe Myself to my friends

My name is Lai, I am the kind of person who easy going, outgoing, hardworking, friendly, funny ,love to learn  ,always smiling, it is make me feel good and good mood for anybody if they see me because life is hard, smile can make people feel good. I hate to fight, I am patient, seldom angry, Sometimes I'm tired or not in good mood. I'm calm. I like being clean and tidy, if I am doing a work at home. I like to pray Buddha every morning and night. Praying can make me feel peaceful and relax. My hobbies is reading some books and I like do some volunteer  at temples to help people and solves some problems If I have free time I like to get together with my kids ,friends, eating out ,shopping and movies with my family. I like travelling. Travelling can make me feel good and relax . I love my family ,My  kids and my husband , I am a happy person. 

About Myself---for 30 days-19

Tuesday, February 6th, 2014

I'm very persistent. 
When I was child, my teacher told me if you want to succeed you have to do your best and to keep doing as long as required. I believe that successes will follow doing. Since that day, I decided to be persistent.
In order to study English, I have studied English by myself for more than thirty years. I first went to English class in Canada. When the weather was -26 Celcius and the real feels looked -35 Celcius, I went to English class in time. Why? I have remembered I have to be persistent. I also taught my kids to be persistent.
I hope I will get more healthy. I like swimming, playing table tennis and doing Taichi. I have worked out since 1982.
If we do our best and keep doing, why we couldn't get successes?

I am respectful and peaceful I go to English school I love learn English I hope so my English get better

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Go To School---for 30 days-18

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Yesterday's forecast said it would be snow storm. It really had been snowing all the day. The snow thickness that covered the ground was about 2 inch. In the morning, weather was -14, and the real feel was -19. The wind speed was about 45 km/hr.
I decided to walk to the school.I walked throughout Milton Community Par. I couldn't find the path, and walked ahead following straight line. On the ground, a row deep feet prints left behind me. It spent approach  about 40 minutes arriving at the school. I was very tired, but at least I  wasn't late. I thought that it was worth that I overcame some difficulties for learning English.

My 30 Day challenge

I have to challenge myself for the next 30 days to improve my english.
I will read easy english books, I will try to talk to my friends in english,
and watch english movies. I will try to write sentences then read it out
loud. I hope to become better in english.

today I can't go to school becuase the weathea is so bad I'm sorry teacher

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I thing, my challenge is better because I put more effort in the speeking. Between classmate I make every effort to do something.
But, outside if some people speek with me, I think it fast for me.

Introduce Myself---for 30 days-17

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
I'm the kind of  person who is kind, patient, dutiful and funny I'm dutiful. if I promise, I never give it up. I'm persistent with my work. If I decide to do any projects, I can work hard and insist that I finish up it. For example, I have been playing Taichi since 1982. My good characteristic is persistent, but I'm so persistent, that some people think of me being stubborn.
I like reading books and playing table tennis. If I'm free, I like playing games with my granddaughters and telling Chinese stories to them.

Assignment 4

Hello Students,
This week our assignment is about YOU:

Please describe yourself: 1. What are you like? 2. What do you like?
Give some examples (proof).  For example:
I am an out-going, hard-working person and I can be organized if I am doing a project. I like to take on new challenges and and I like to relax with my friends by playing hockey, eating out at the local pub and going to the library for their free programs with my kids.

This is good practice for when you meet new friends or when you are in an interview. Often when you are in an interview, they will ask you to describe yourself. Take the time to practice talking about yourself now!

I look forward to reading about you!

Monday, February 3, 2014

About Me---for 30 day-16

Monday,  February 3rd, 2014
I'm the kind of  person who is kind, patient, dutiful and unny. I'm persistent with my work.I'm kind, I sometimes help The students who need help.
I'm so patient, that my granddaughters think of me being the best grandfather in the word.
I'm dutiful, I never go ago on.
I,m funny, I can make jokes if I disagree with something.

My elder granddaughter is the kind of person who is friendly, smart, good at politics and hardworking. She always loves new things. My elder granddaughter is friendly, she has many friends in her school.
My elder granddaughter is very smart, she's number 1 in many of her classes.
My elder granddaughter loves new things, she is good at computer.
My elder granddaughter is good at politics, she rarely is angry.
My elder granddaughter is hardworking, she is one of the best students in the Joshua Creek Public School.

I'm hardworking,  so I'm unpopular.
I'm patient, but when I meet emergency, perhaps I am not calm,
I love my granddaughter, but sometimes I'm incapable, because I'm not good at English.
I'm untalented, but I'm hardworking.

My English will be well

  Happy new year . I wishes everyone in new year happiness ,and have big furtuue and great profit (da ji da li) and may all your wishes come true (xin xiang shi cneng). I hope this year everyone have a health body, and english going up, and have a good job.
   Studying English is diffcult for me. I need to spend more time to studying English . I can try to speak English for everyone and I must watch English TV. I hope have a day I  speaking English is very well.
Posted by Suqiong

MY 30 DayChallenge

Hello,every one. I' m late post  this assignment. because i m very busy with my family. today, I  open my Blog. I read your post i like. now, I promise my self. Today I st rat heard work. how I can improve my English more.I promise  everyday I  watch English movie  and read news paper and Liston radio. at home i try  speak English with my family. I promise with my self in 30day.I can improve my English . INSHALLHA

Sunday, February 2, 2014

MY English 30day challenge is going well

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fat Choi, to all my family, friends, my classmates and my teacher. Hope this year of the Horse is good in health and wealth for you and your family. Studying English is a difficult challenge for everybody in the beginning. We all need to spend more time to study. I would like to write about how my 30 day English challenge is going. My 30 day English challenge is going well. I just need to focus on watching english T.V. with my kids 20 minutes everyday, read my kids book everyday with the kids and communicate with my kids, friends, classmates and teacher. I try to read the English Chinese Dictionary to learn more English Vocabulary words, two times a week before bed. I hope in the future my English were improve.

post from LAI

My 30 Day Challenge

I have to challenge myself for 30 days. It wont be easy, but I push myself as hard as I can. It is very important to practice speaking, reading and writing everyday. I have to try to speak english with my family, every single day. Also I must read books and watch tv. I hope so one day I will speak english very good.

Came Back Home---for 30 days-15

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
I came home,after we had lived in my daughter's house for 10 days. The snow thickness is about one foot on my driveway. I am very happy, because my neighbor shoveled most  of  snow on the driveway. It wasn't first time already. We usually visit our kids. When we weren't at home, mostly they could shovel snow or mow the grass for us. They are our good neighbor. When we shovels the snow or mow the grass, we usually have small talks. If I can fluency speak English, maybe we will be good friends. I hope to improve English quickly.

My 30-days challenge

I think  that my 30-days English challenge is not to difficult but require a systematical work.
It necessary learn a new volabularies after reading the text, and to repeat  the next day.
I decided to try to learn every day, if that will be impossible, I will continue next day.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Young's 30days challenge is going well

  Hi. everyone.
  It's snowing outside.  celsious is zero. It may get many snow.

  My challenge was fourth. First was borrow and read a book once a week. It's going well.
Second was write the story. I bought a note for writing and  wrote one stroy now. But I think I need somebody help.
Marcella. If you have a time could you please check my story maybe one a week?
Third was study grammar to use computer for an hour three times a week. It's going well too. Fouth was to make friends. When I play squash usually my partner is who speaks English. I try that time. sometime they couldn't understand me. but I'll try more than more

  If Marcella didn't give assignments us we haven't tried speaking, writing, reading and listening out of class.  I'm very thakful to Marcella for teaching and giving assignments.  Keep pushing us.

  Have a great weekend.

My Granddaughters--for 30 days-14

Saturday, Febrary 1st, 2014
I have been at my daughter's house for 9 days. Every day I play with my granddaughters. We do homework, play games, tell stories and watch TV together. When their parents go to work and they are at home, I have to take care of them. I order them to do home works and play piano. Sometimes they are bored with playing piano or  doing homework, they need to have break. Sometimes they have break too long to finish their jobs.
Maybe I spoil my granddaughters a little bit. Sometimes, I stop their parents from blaming my granddaughters. Whose grandparents don't spoil their grandchildren? But, of course, I know that spoiling is not good. When my kids were children, I was strict father yet. If they didn't finish their homework I sometimes make them time out. More than 30 years passed and I often remembered how I  taught my kids. Though children need care, they also need teaching.