Saturday, February 22, 2014

Different Dalson

I'm Dalson from China. I'm the kind of person who is calm, stable, careful, curious,smart, funny and hard working. Specially, I'm persistent very much.
When I was a child, my teacher told me, "If you want to succeed, you have to do your best and keep doing as long as required." I never forget this sentence. If I decide to do somethings, I never give it up. In order to make myself to be persistent, I do my best. When I do any things, I must ask myself can I keep doing till ending? In 1982, I learned to do Tai Chi. Since that time, I do Tai Chi every day until now. In order to study English, I almost always attend English class. When the weather was -26 Celcius and the real feels liked -35 Celcius, I went to school in time yet. I noticed most of students were absent for the morning class.
"When we have a strength, we always have a connected weakness,"Marcella told me. Bingo! My strength is persistent,but my weak point is persistent too. In 1995, I learned to play basketball. I couldn't run fast, so I practiced to shoot at a fixed point. From that time, I had persevered with playing basketball every morning until 2012. Raining, snowing and wind couldn't stop me playing basketball. One day, it was snowing, I got up ant went to play basketball in time. One and half hours past, the playground was covered by snow, but the place there I played basketball appeared yet. I was famous for basketball skills in the Anhui Jianzhu University. My friends thought I was stubborn.
I know I'm persistent, but I keep a weakness persistently yet. I think God is fair!

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