Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Assignment 5 Due Monday Feb 24

Hello Class!
Assignment 5 is due on Monday, February 24.

We have been describing ourselves and describing others in preparation for our Interview module that begins next week. You will be practicing your answers to some of the most common and most important interview questions, so get used to talking about yourself!

For Assignment 5, I would like you to tell us about your personal strengths and weaknesses.
When we have a strength, we always have a connected weakness. For example, if we are very organized we probably cannot manage very well in chaos.

So please think about your one great strength and  your one great weakness and write a paragraph describing them.

Remember to use proper paragraph structure:
1 Introduction (introduce the topic)
2 Main statment/Topic sentence (this is true/this is my opinion about the topic)
3  Explain or describe with a few (2 or more) details or examples
4 Conclusion


Intro: I am going to talk about one of my strengths and one of my weaknesses.

Main statement/Topic sentence: I am a very creative and spontaneous person but I am not a naturally good planner. They are opposites of the same thing.

Explanation I am good at thinking on my feet and coming up with new ideas in a few seconds. I can also jump into an activity without any planning or notice. Planning is not my natural gift so I've had to work on becoming better at it. I realized that making it easy for me to plan is the best idea. Automatic withdrawl for savings and investments is easy and I don't have to think about it. Having a calendar on my cellphone is easy to access because I take my phone everywhere.
Conclusion: Planning is not my natural gift so I had to make a plan! :)

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