Sunday, February 23, 2014

The interview is really important to an employee and employer As,employee can get a job ,employer can choose the right person who can manage the position.I'm going to take about one of my strength and one of my weakness,I'm the kind of who is good listener,When I teach to kids ,I 'm passion to listen to them,When they speak ,I don't interrupt them and allow to them to take time to speech and I can help them to find out source of problem.The same thing when I talk to friends or others or my kids .Now ,I'm going to taIk about one of my weakness that I'm too worried to make a mistake so I always blame and punish my self That make me not comfortable sometimes .For example when I went to learn, How I can drive a car?,The first time I felt I never can do it after that I felt I'm depressed then I left it. So, I always ask my self why I can't ,every one can drive , but now I puch my self to try again why that very important for me and my kids , but this year I challenge my self to develop my skills, So I will avoid my weakness.

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