Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happiness in my Life

Hello, There are many ways people can feel happiness. What makes me happy is Good health, My Family, My Children, Getting together with friends, World peace, The joy of living, Learning new things, Trying new foods, Meeting new friends, and Listening to Music.

Doing some volunteer work, Teaching at Temple, Helping those who need help, also makes me happy. When my kids give me hugs it makes me really happy too, Seeing my family smile makes me feel the joy of happiness.

I like to travel so it as well makes me happy, Because I can learn something new and have a chance to make new friends from different places.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is an emotional sense of self-satisfaction
These things make me happy:
Learn English every day with friendly classmates from many cultures
Understand more in class  every day
Share with my family here in Canada
I think is very important to be optimist to be happy...Jaime

Friday, March 28, 2014

you don't comment my home work. I want to see my error, and do better next time .

There are many things make people happiness .
For me,my grandchildren make me happiness,connect with the people especially in my class make me happiness.I hope speak English well ,if I am  successful I become happiness.
I want to go back home to see all places in my country and visit my family,friends,and neighbour.
I like to help the people and support them.The prayer in my church make me happiness. 
.Happiness  is love,help,and health. 

Human Impact on the Earth Video

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Earth Hour:
Saturday, March 29...
Are you ready?


I think happiness is the most important thing in the life, it makes me to think positively for example I am happiest with my family when I spent along time with them in playing ,watching movies and when I hugged my kids it made me very happy .when I connected with my family ,or my friends it made me happy because we remembered happy moments.when I take apositive approach and stop thinking about bad news and look about the future , so all these make me happy

For me, there are three things that makes me happy. First, when i saw smile and cheer in my family's face . Second, traveling to other countries makes me happy because i can learn more about different culture and have chance to watch new places . Third, is pure love and health because they are base of happiness like this mathematics of life.
   Finally, I thing happiness is the most important  thing in life.

Young's Happiness

 I'm happy with my daughters, my hobby, my friends and to learn English.
 When my daughters do someting well that make me happy.  Also when I do my hobby that play or compete squash that get some happy and energy too.  When I came to Canada I didn't have friends, but now I have some friends who share my good and bad news.   Now, my best of happiness is learning English. Befor that I was so sad like a fool.  Also spring is comming that change my mood. I'll make me happy too.
  If people have many happiness that make to change their mind or mood as positive person. So I come to school everyday to learn English to make me happy!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


                     I will be happy when I see my husband become a doctor here in Canada . If I see my children are happy I'm also happy .If I go back home to visit my family I'll feel happy .When I see my country full of peace I feel very happy .When I speak English fluently I feel very happy When I find a job my family and I will be happy .Finally,when I lose my weight I will feel very very happy. 



A lot of thing that made me happy ,but I just want to  talk the most important  2 thing that made me happy .
I think all people have different feeling happy, as like me the first thing that I made a wishes is Healthy,I'm happy when my families my kids my grand-son are healthy.if you are not healthy you can't get anything . Anyway Happiness is another thing that made me happy in my whole life is my both kids because they both were completed  their education with an excellent result in Canada because I came here for their future. Finally  my son graduated
Sfrom University McMaster with Master Electrical Engineering degrees and my daughter graduated from University Warterloo with Chemical Engineering degrees.
In conclusion the two important thing that made me happy is my families Healthy and my kids have a good future and happiness .


what make me happy? Happiness is relative depend on the person or individual for me many things make me happy such as giving,direction,appreciating,trying out ,emotion and acceptance.When I have direction and I achieved it this make me very happy for example,I always wish for my son to get good eduction so I was very happy when he got school in Canada.When I pay money for charity or when I buy gift for my family ,giving make me happy and when I have directions for my kids make me happy too.Emotion is always make me happy so When I huge my kids or when I saw my husband admired me or when I listen to music or song about emotion or watch romantic movie all of this thing make me very happy.I always very appreciating ,when some one do something good for me ,I'm to appreciate for you.Trying out of learning English ,when I started to learn English ,I was very happy.Finally when other love or respect me ,when I can do my duties ,when I can make my family happy all of this thing make me satisfaction and acceptance myself but now I think If I get a job in Canada complete my happiness .


Small things make me happy. I feel happy when my family and i healthy, family,friends and good people around me make me happy. What also makes me happy when i do something without anybody's help or support. Another thing makes me happy is when my whole family is home and we spend time together.


What is the happiness? My happiness is different for each age.When I was a child ,I dreamed to be a singer.So when I learn  a song ,and can sing it.I'm very happy and proud of it .And now ,I'm studying English and also will go to the university .So my happiness is good study for my program.Last week,I celebrated my 21years old birthday .My mind will become more mature when i grow up.I will show you the photo of my birthday.

The Giants Rib - Niagara Escarpment UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

Can you find Milton in this video?

The happiness

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

About my happy

       Happiness is very importent feeling in our life.
I feel happiness at different ages from different causes.  Meeting with friends, nise weather, beautiful nature, sea, lakes, good news make me happy. But my children and crandchildren are most importent for me. When they are helthy, happy and lucky, and I fell that they need me, I'm calm and happy.
  I think that I need lern to be happy.


Happiness is a very important thing to make us healthier and live longer, i can be happy when i overcome problems that encountered my way , i can be happy when i gather with my family specially my Grand children , they made me feel i am a kid , i am also happy when i come to the school to learn English.I feel happy and satisfied when i help other people by any mean (money,time,ideas or energy) when i want to feel good i do good staff to others . These things make me happy.


To be happy is important in the life.I think that if someone is happy they can do great thing's in their life's or live better.
I think that we must learn to be happy with the thing's we have. And for me the most important is to have peace in your self and stay with GOD.and also forgive and forget.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What make me happy?

Different things make the people happy.
I would like to be healty, independent and to have the friends, but the family is the most important to me. I would like, that the members of my family: my wife, my children and grandchildren ( in which order indifferent) were happy.
 So, the happiness of my family make me happy.

Assignment 1 - March 24, 2014

Good Morning Students!
It is a sunny day today so Nina is happy.
But it's cold! The good news is that it will be getting warmer as the week continues.
We are beginning our last term of the year!
We will be reviewing many things to make you stronger in your basic skills in English.

Last week thursday was International Happiness Day.
We talked about 10 ways to be happy. We also talked about what makes you happy.

Assignment 1 -  March 24, 2014:

Please write one paragraph about what makes you happy.
Remember to write your paragraph in proper paragraph structure as always:
1. Introduction and Topic sentence.
2. Body of paragraph (main points and details)
3. Conclusion

Please have this finished by Friday, MARCH 28

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What made me happy during spring break was that I went to south korea with my family. We wanted to visit our relatives. We went on first class sears, so our family was very happy. It was very comfortable. We went to so many restaurants and had many parties. We were riding a high speed train and also went shopping. We got home Saturday morning. We had a lot of fun but it's great to be back in Canada.

Saturday, March 22, 2014



These things make my happy when people show nice to me, increasing my happiness. 
When people watch the gratitude is a key element for me to be happy in my life. 
Sometimes,  if I get nice words from my husband. 
When my entourage is fill with happy people.
when I exchange with positives and optimistic people. 
At last, when my family takes my news ( for me it's a huge weight).


changing face,
changing mind,
Moving body,
smiling all day,
feeling young, 
I don't worry again.


I like when my husband takes care of me. My family calls me . When people encourage me when I do something.( if its good)


Finally, I thing, if you have a good heart, you think positive thing, and you show nice to others, some people love you too  because, the life it's  the share and love.
These things make me happy.good healh, good weahher,good friends, and peace full.                                                 I was happy when I got a good job .I was happy when I got married and got togathar with good friends.I was happh when I came to Canada.I'm happy on new years I always happy in April because we have a new year in my culture. I will be happy when I get a good job and visit my friends in my country.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello Class,
Spring is coming, I promise - do you see the buds on the tree in the photo? I took that photo on Sunday in Toronto.
I am at a funeral today, but I will see you tomorrow (Friday)
the school children have a day off from school so all of our parents will not be coming to class.

I will give you my feedback/evaluation of your INTERVIEWS on Friday.
I will save them in my folder for Monday, March 17 you if you can't come on Friday.

However, on Friday if you are coming to class, please
take as small plate of food to share and we will do a short lesson on Maple Syrup then we can have
an early coffee-break together - then you can go home early.
Sounds good?
See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This is my weakness ,when there are many things must be done I confuse,trouble and I can't do any thing. but  now I realize that and I organize every things according its importance.
Hi Marcella what goal you are working on ?
One of my weakness is that I can be shy When I speak with strange people for the first time specially when I have meeting or appointment or interview .I realized this was a problem so this habit prevent me to expressing myself and I were stressed .For example when I speak English with my classmate ,I do it easily,but when My teacher asked me to speak , I can't do it easily,so I'm working on being more bold,So I'm going to work with group and I'm going to park or library to speak with strange people.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My application

I graduated from Tanta university in 2006 with aBachelor degree of teaching Arabic language.I worked as a teacher at Elemantry school for two years ago.Having Arabic language gave me chance to reach my goal of teaching .when I worked ,I noticed great change on the kids having fun while learning so I was the first teacher used the iPhone application in the class learning songs and music.I love kids ,I'm good listener for them ,I 'm capable of guidance on right behaviour .I have excellent to control my class.When I taught I have used different methods to make simple information. I have excellent teach grammar roll.I can teach for any age.Now,I have studied English since 2013 so learn English will help me to communicate with other people and develop my language.I have training to get licence after My language was developed,I'm going to register in collage her to develop my skills.
                                                                 My Weaknesses

My weaknesses are that I could be absentminded some times for example when my husband tell me to pay the bill in the morning I forget. or when I have to make an appointment I always forget. I think that the reason I always forget is that I don't concentrate in one thing. But I am working on this.

My a weakness

      My  a weakness is when I ride like to open a window. But this is not a good habit. I realized that this is a problem, when Ienjoy and others suffering. So I step by step to correct this shortcoming.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

About my weaknesses.
     I have a few weaknesses, one of my weaknesses is that I can be absent-minded and not concentrated. Sometimes I put my things and don't know where to get them later.
But I was attentive and concentrated to my work and when I looked after the children.
     I'm realized this was a problem because I spend
 my time and I feel nervouse.
       I'm working on concentrating on things and being more  attentive.
One of my weakness is that I can be too blamed myself specially، When I make a mistake، I usually take long time to think about it. For example, when I bought clothes I took long time to choose what I want, Then when I came back to my home I think the dress which left it better. I realize this was a problem. When I took decision because I waste my time in thinking about something in the past. I'm working on being satisfied about my self. I'm going to spent my time to make some thing useful, stop it blame myself I'm going to learn from my mistake.

My weakness

One of my weaknesses is sometimes I spend time than necessary on a task  .I realized this problem because I didn't manage my time . I am working on time management and being more organized by doing time frame for the task and milestone for every task

About My weakness

My weakness is that I do things too fast but it's not my best work. I realized this was a problem when I rushed something but didn't give 100% effort into it. I am working on taking my time on things and  put in 100% of my effort.

My Weakness

One of my weakness is that I can be nervous,so I realize thiswas a   problem because it effect on my life(my children),so iam working on being more confident by doing thinking positivelly.

Strengths and weakness

No one is perfect! Exactly, whoever has been born in the world have Strengths and Weakness and including me.

- My I'm not sure, maybe, I'm a good listener who can stay close to you and hear you talk about yourself, your love, your fun or sad story, your feelings about something, your problem in life and so on. Sometimes, I can give you a sensible solution for yourself, or just be a simple friend who can make you feel better. Ya! Maybe...

-My weakness... I'm so shy, not outgoing and not talkative when I'm in big group. I don't know why. My best friends say :"I'm very different when I go with them". Exactly, I'm a really different person when I go with them, because I'm talkative, outgoing, and humorous... I realized this was a problem when my best friends told me. Ya! That's a big weakness...

 Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My strengths and weaknesses.

Hello my dear classmates, I am going to talk to you about myself, how I am.

Strengths:  these are a few of my main strengths, I am good at learning, helpful and respectful.
Weaknesses: some of my weaknesses are, I sometimes am impatient when I have to wait too much time for something. I have realized that this has been a problem since I was a child at those times which I had to wait  for my lunch at high school as a example. 
Solving the problem: to resolve this issue, I just try to burn time thinking about something or doing something else when I am waiting for anything that I need anxiously.

About my weaknesess

one of my weaknesess is that, I can't save my money.  I'm very very extravagant in my life.  I spend to much money.

I realized this was a big problem because I use my savings every day to buy a lot of things for my kids and house.

I have a big challenge in front of me. I have to be far-sighted in my expenditure and I'm working more on my being. I have to learn personal financial management.

My Weakness

One of my weaknesses is that I can be impatient.

I realized this was a problem because when I need something, I need it right away, I can't wait long or else I will be very frustrated or angry. I don't like to be impatient but it is a bad habit I have had since I was young.

I am working on being more patient by doing less work than I need to. By doing this, I can think and do much more.

- March 1st, 2014

One of my weakness is that I can not wake up in the morning early and I get very late sometimes. I realized that this was becoming a problem because I need to get good grades and I need to be done school to have more fun whit my wife. So my solution is that I need a goal to wake up early and get a very loud alarm and wake up at 6 in the morning or 7 in the morning.

My weaknesses are

One of my weaknesses is that I can be a sentimentality .I realized this was problem because,sometime I skipped my routine ,for example , if my friend ask me to do a favour at the same time that I have to eat my meal I 'm always do it right away even I'm hungry.I am working on paying attention of harmful on my health so I have to do my routine  for eating 3 time meal before I do something  else.