Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happiness in my Life

Hello, There are many ways people can feel happiness. What makes me happy is Good health, My Family, My Children, Getting together with friends, World peace, The joy of living, Learning new things, Trying new foods, Meeting new friends, and Listening to Music.

Doing some volunteer work, Teaching at Temple, Helping those who need help, also makes me happy. When my kids give me hugs it makes me really happy too, Seeing my family smile makes me feel the joy of happiness.

I like to travel so it as well makes me happy, Because I can learn something new and have a chance to make new friends from different places.


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  1. Lai - your smile in the morning makes me happy~ !
    Travel also makes me happy - one day we could travel somewhere together - I'd be happy to sweep the temple while you teach (Thailand? :)


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