Wednesday, March 26, 2014


what make me happy? Happiness is relative depend on the person or individual for me many things make me happy such as giving,direction,appreciating,trying out ,emotion and acceptance.When I have direction and I achieved it this make me very happy for example,I always wish for my son to get good eduction so I was very happy when he got school in Canada.When I pay money for charity or when I buy gift for my family ,giving make me happy and when I have directions for my kids make me happy too.Emotion is always make me happy so When I huge my kids or when I saw my husband admired me or when I listen to music or song about emotion or watch romantic movie all of this thing make me very happy.I always very appreciating ,when some one do something good for me ,I'm to appreciate for you.Trying out of learning English ,when I started to learn English ,I was very happy.Finally when other love or respect me ,when I can do my duties ,when I can make my family happy all of this thing make me satisfaction and acceptance myself but now I think If I get a job in Canada complete my happiness .

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