Wednesday, March 26, 2014


A lot of thing that made me happy ,but I just want to  talk the most important  2 thing that made me happy .
I think all people have different feeling happy, as like me the first thing that I made a wishes is Healthy,I'm happy when my families my kids my grand-son are healthy.if you are not healthy you can't get anything . Anyway Happiness is another thing that made me happy in my whole life is my both kids because they both were completed  their education with an excellent result in Canada because I came here for their future. Finally  my son graduated
Sfrom University McMaster with Master Electrical Engineering degrees and my daughter graduated from University Warterloo with Chemical Engineering degrees.
In conclusion the two important thing that made me happy is my families Healthy and my kids have a good future and happiness .


  1. What a great feeling of satisfaction that your children are sucessful in Canada after all of your hard work and effort and sacrifice! Now it's time to relax and enjoy Siem!

  2. Thank you Marcella , it's true now is my time to relax and enjoy my life whatever I can
    But however I never forget my English class because this my best Joyce .


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