Sunday, April 13, 2014

Good Morning students!
That was a fun class trip! Next trip we hope it will be less windy and a little warmer!

Please see the slideshow of our trip to the right - click on the photo, view the slide-show and then make a few comments under this post :)



  1. Wonderful. It's rather beautiful to see all students walk together. Saleem do you see the sun on my face?

  2. Jaimy. Please, leave on the road. Kiz......

  3. Yes! Mahoua, you are right - Yeimy should stay on the side-walk!

  4. That was wonderful and nice trip I have ever gone.

  5. Yes Sarah. Its a nice place for family. I appreciated, walking group, architecture, history of ancient mayor.
    without forgetting : the coffee and the cake ( delicious). And you Sarah ?


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