Monday, April 28, 2014

On Earth Day, April 22, we Cleaned up around the Centre and the Plaza.
Here are some photos of our "20-minute Make-over" event.

Task: Look at the photos and makes some comments and talk about your opinion -
Did you enjoy yourself? Do you think we made a difference? Would you do it again next year?
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  1. Nice Earth day.
    Sometimes, it is amusing, good, essential, important, and necessary to clean environment. It's make from the nature of the human being.
    Beautiful pictures together too.
    SHAUDRY ; good job for you, because you were the best worker: CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. Nice picture. We all look awesome !!!

  3. I think we made differences by cleaning and picking up garbages. Because we made the plaza looks better than before. We had alot of fun and enjoy cleaned up the plaza So of course i would like to do it again next year.

  4. I know Earth Day and what to do that day. but I usually didn't anyting by my self.
    Last Monday I was enjoying that did action. After school my daughters and I picked gabeges up our villige that teached Earth day.
    Of couse, I would like to join next year If i here..hehe.

  5. I like it this picturs becaues we are cleaning to help earth

  6. Amazing day we are helping each other to maintain our environment .nice pictures we are keeping as happy moment.

  7. It is fabulous to work together to clean our city and our teachers were very happy when they help us to do this.I hope to see that happen in my country .I told my family about this to encourage them to do it.Finally we should love our country and we keep it clean and beauty.

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  9. The Earth day is a good idea for making our Earth clean , we miss this day in our country .
    the photos are wonderful !

  10. Nice earth day!Even though we just picked some garbage,it would be helped to protect our environment,isn't it?


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