Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heart Attack and Stroke

Good Morning Students,
This Wednesday's Health Issue is the heart.
In Canada, we have an excellent organization that raises moneyfor and awareness of Heart attacks and Stroke:

They have some excellent "Health e-tools" that you can use.
TASK 1:  click on this link and you can look at the Health e-tools:

I would suggest you take this assessment first. You must sign-in to get an account first.
Talk about your assessment with your family and friends. Talk about it with yourself! Decide what changes you need to make in your lifestyle - if any.

TASK 2:  Read the signs of a heart attack and write all of them down in your notes:

NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY our health issue will be STROKES. Then we will compare the signs of heart attack and stroke!

Enjoy your reading!

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