Monday, May 26, 2014

Hi Marcela, Good evening, I'm finally on the Blog!!.
I will try to write without the help of my husband or my son.
I am from Venezuela, specifically from Margarita Island. In these place I had my own  business for fifteen year. Was a good business dedicated to the sale of Styrofoam products.
A couple of years ago (2010) had been a few months here  and then I went to Spain definitely with my sons.
I came to Canada in Spring 2012 and meet to my husband, He the proposed to me, and of course I accepted. I arrived in Canada in November 2012 and got married in December.
My husband and I were widowed, we had happy marriages for more than 25 years. children with similar ages and many similar things,
Now I´m beginning my new life in this beauty country that from now is mine too.
I am delighted to enter into this course and and meet people from all over the world, including you.
See you tomorrow.

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  1. Well hello Alice! Margarita Island sounds like a Carribean paradise...and your life sounds like it has been full and rich in experiences! May Canada be your next treasure...


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