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My presentation is about famous Egyptian food.

*Egyptian  breakfast 

*Egyptian lunch and dinner

*Egyptian dessert

                                      Egyptian breakfast

1.Egyptian bread :

It is made by mixing whole wheat flour ,water and salt then baked.It is very healthy.

2.Falafel and ful Medames:

Is a well known dish in the Middle east.This food is originated in Egypt.It consists of balls , fava beans or chick peas , onion,parsley,dry cilantro, and pepper mixed together in the blender. Then put it in a deep fryer pot.Also ful medames is a fava beans dip known as ful medams and this is served with Egyptian bread.

3.Papa ganoush :

Made from grilled eggplant that is peeled the mashed and mixed
and with tehini,lemon juice,salt,pepper,parsley,cumin and dressd with olive oil.

4. Tahini salad:
This  salad is made by mixing sesame butter,chick peas,vinegar,lemon juice,pepper ,cumin,and olive oil.

All the stuff on top can be served with green salad.

Egyptian lunch and dinner 

1.Mulukhiya :
This is green soup is made from the leaves plants that grow in middle east. Mulukiya is prepard by chopping the leaves with garlic and corinder and cooking it in an animal stock such as chicken,beef or rabbit and served with Egyptian bread or rice.

2. Fatta :

fatta is consists of some layer ,dry bread ,rice ,lemon juice,sauce with garlic and vinegar then we put the soup of them and meat on the top.Most Moslum  and Christian people like to eat fatta for special festival like Christmas,Easter ,Ed.Edha.
3.Hawawshi :
is a famous traditional Egyptian dish.It is meat minced onion,pepper,parsley and hot pepper,put all the stuff inside the Egyptian bread,then rolled in foal,finally put it in the oven.It is very delicious.

4. koshari :
considered to be the Egyptian national dish,it consists of pasta,tomato sauce including rice,lentils,caramelized onion,garlic and chick peas.

Egyptian dessert

1. Basbousa :
made from semolina,coconut,sugar,yoghurt and soaked in a sugar syrap.It is usually topped with almond and traditionally cut vertically.

2. Egyptian milk pudding:

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