Friday, September 26, 2014

My name is Jaime.
I was born in Bogota Colombia South America.
I have been in Canada since February 2011.
I have been living  in Milton for four years.
In my Canadian family there are six people: my daughter Carolina, her husband Marcello, two girls,
Paula 9 years old , Vanessa 6 years old, and my wife Amparo and I.
I had been working as Veterinarian doctor with cows for many years, now a days I have my own farm where we milk our Brown Swiss cows.
My youngest daughter who is now in Colombia is the one who is in charge of all my business.
I  studied in Colombia twelve years at school and five years at the university.
I came to Canada because my son-in-low and my daughter sponsored me.
My advice for newcomers is that they have to know some English and also to be sure that they can work in the profession they had studied.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hell everyone, my name is ki ok kim.

I first came to Canada in 2005 and I have been living here ever since. I used to live in Mississauga, but in 2009 we moved to Milton. I live with my son, daughter-in-law and twins. Before I came to Canada I was a store owner that sold clothes in Korea, my home country. My education in Korea was different, I only graduated from high school, I did not have the chance to go to university or college. I came to Canada because my son was supporting me and invited me to come. My advice to newcomers is to be with family so you can support eachother

Hi I am Maritza 😊

Hi my name is Maritza i am from Mexico City, I have been in Canada for 9 years.
I did stadded for actress, I was a model, I did worked in a T.V. show in my country.
I had visited Canada for meny years ago, I come back whit my sister, nices and her husband, they decided move from his country, he is from Monteral and I was come whit them to start the French in the University the Montrea, after that I visited Vancouver City and there I met my husband he is Canadian, now we have two  boys, Justin he is 6 years old and Matthew he is 3.
We did moved in car to Vancouver from Milton! by his work...
That was a beautiful and excited travel, we are happy here...  No more rain!!!!  ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello, my name is Alice, I am from Venezuela but I was living in Spain with my two sons (27 and 23 years old). I was widow. I came to Canada November 2012 and married again in December 2012.  I had come before for holiday because my oldest brother live here with his family. I had a creative business in Margarita Island (Venezuela) but Venezuela turned into a dangerous country and we decided to leave of there. I am architectural designer in my country. I would like to have a good business in Canada and I am working for that. Learning English is the first step (or second step). My advice to newcomerce is loves the change and learn from it and Love Winter and Snow!!!


Alice Krisch

Sunday, September 21, 2014

   Hello, every one!
My name is Nina. I came  to Canada in 2011. I have been in Canada for 3 years.
I came to join my son's family. I moved to Milton about 2 years ago.
I worked as an engineer at an aircraft factory
   My advice to newcomers it's to prepare warm clothes and shoes for the upcoming
long and cold winter.
     Good luck!

All about me

My name is Lai. I was born in Malaysia. I arrived to Canada in December 1993. I have been living in Canada for 19 years now. I got married on july 1997. My husband is Canadian, I have three children. In my house I live with my husband, my three kids, and our pet dog Rosie. When I was living in Malaysia I was a sales girl for a clothing store. I worked at the shopping centre in Singapore for 5 years. I have a college degree in Malaysia. I love Canada because its a peaceful, safe, and beautiful place to live. I hope you guys enjoy it. I want to give advice to newcomers that come to Canada. During the winter you need more time in the morning because the harsh weather can make you late. In the winter time you need to wear really warm clothes such as winter jackets, sweaters, hats, boots, and mittens because it gets really cold in the winter. The winter weather is harsh so make sure you wear warm clothing and are careful going to and from work. Enjoy winter time in Canada
Post by Lai                                                                                                                                                   Sunday September 21, 2014. Have a nice day! :)

Why I came to Canada?

                           Hello, every one. My name is Rania,I 'm from Egypt.I'm married, I have two children. I was Arabic teacher in my home country,so I got Bachelor degree of teaching Arabic language.I have lived in Milton for two years.Canada is a beautiful country,but I came to Canada , because I'm looking for better life to my kids,from where safe ,education,health and away from racism.Finally,I have two Advise to newcomers to Canada first one ,you should bring more  money with them to can live until to get job, the second is ,if you come in the Winter, you should bring heavy clothes with you.

In May 23,2014, my family and I arrived in Milton, Canada. We have been living in Milton, Canada for the last four months. I moved to Canada with my two children and my husband.

In my home country I worked for a Peruvian Company, as a Sales Representative. I got a bachelors degree in business administration.

Canada is a beautiful country, it brings new opportunities and security for me and my family. 

My advice for newcomers to Canada is They will have to do some research about this country before getting here. 

I arrived to Canada on December 14, 2013. I lived in Ontario, Milton for 9 months. My family consists of one daughter, one son and my husband who passed away. I worked as supervisor of chemistry at Ministry of Education. I have finished bachelor degree in science and education. I came to Canada to live with my daughter, her husband, my grand-son and my grand-daughter. I want to say to new-comers,

                                  "You must speak English well"

Thank you                                                                                              Nevin

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 1

Welcome to our class and our class blog!

I hope you will learn a lot about your community and your town (Milton) as well as get useful information about citizenship and settling in Canada from this blog.

I also hope that this blog will help you to practice reading and writing in English and more specifically, practice your social media skills by writing blog posts and making comments on your friend's posts. It is like a conversation but it is by written word.

Enjoy the Blog and everything it has to offer you!


Write 1 paragraph to introduce yourself to the class.
Please include the following information:
- when you arrived in Canada
- how long you have lived in Canada and Milton
- who is in your family
- what you did for a job in your home country
-  your education in your home country
-  why you came to Canada
-  give 1 piece of advice to newcomers to Canada

Please have this finished by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22.