Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello, my name is Alice, I am from Venezuela but I was living in Spain with my two sons (27 and 23 years old). I was widow. I came to Canada November 2012 and married again in December 2012.  I had come before for holiday because my oldest brother live here with his family. I had a creative business in Margarita Island (Venezuela) but Venezuela turned into a dangerous country and we decided to leave of there. I am architectural designer in my country. I would like to have a good business in Canada and I am working for that. Learning English is the first step (or second step). My advice to newcomerce is loves the change and learn from it and Love Winter and Snow!!!


Alice Krisch

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  1. Alice, are you are working towards having your own architectural design business here in Canada ?

    I love your advice to newcomers: Learn from the change and love winter and snow! :);) :)!!!


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