Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hi I am Maritza 😊

Hi my name is Maritza i am from Mexico City, I have been in Canada for 9 years.
I did stadded for actress, I was a model, I did worked in a T.V. show in my country.
I had visited Canada for meny years ago, I come back whit my sister, nices and her husband, they decided move from his country, he is from Monteral and I was come whit them to start the French in the University the Montrea, after that I visited Vancouver City and there I met my husband he is Canadian, now we have two  boys, Justin he is 6 years old and Matthew he is 3.
We did moved in car to Vancouver from Milton! by his work...
That was a beautiful and excited travel, we are happy here...  No more rain!!!!  ;)


  1. Hi Maritza!
    Thank-you for introducing yourself. Welcome to our class!
    You studied acting in Mexico city? wow. Were you an actor on a T.V show?
    So you drove across Canada from Vancouver to Milton! I am sure you enjoyed seeing the all the different provinces along the way! Welcome to Milton!

  2. Hi Marcela!
    I studied acting, but for many years I dedicated myself to be a model, but in a time of my life as a model was also on a TV show in which people would play and win !.
    Thanks 😊


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