Sunday, September 21, 2014

In May 23,2014, my family and I arrived in Milton, Canada. We have been living in Milton, Canada for the last four months. I moved to Canada with my two children and my husband.

In my home country I worked for a Peruvian Company, as a Sales Representative. I got a bachelors degree in business administration.

Canada is a beautiful country, it brings new opportunities and security for me and my family. 

My advice for newcomers to Canada is They will have to do some research about this country before getting here. 


  1. Claudia, what kinds of products did you sell at the Peruvian company that you worked for?

  2. Hi Marcella,

    The main objective of the company in Ecuador is distribute and sell consumer good products like pasta, mayonnaise, shampoo, cookies, dog food.


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