Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 1

Welcome to our class and our class blog!

I hope you will learn a lot about your community and your town (Milton) as well as get useful information about citizenship and settling in Canada from this blog.

I also hope that this blog will help you to practice reading and writing in English and more specifically, practice your social media skills by writing blog posts and making comments on your friend's posts. It is like a conversation but it is by written word.

Enjoy the Blog and everything it has to offer you!


Write 1 paragraph to introduce yourself to the class.
Please include the following information:
- when you arrived in Canada
- how long you have lived in Canada and Milton
- who is in your family
- what you did for a job in your home country
-  your education in your home country
-  why you came to Canada
-  give 1 piece of advice to newcomers to Canada

Please have this finished by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22.



  1. Replies
    1. I arrived in Canada in June 2008.I have been in Canada for 6 years. I came to Canada to join my family.My family incluedes my husband,and my two children. I am a house wife. I have 8 years of education. Newcammer after coming to Canada should join the E S L Classes.

  2. Hi Fatima,
    Next time, please write a new post (see the top right corner and click on NEW POST - ok?
    Welcome to our class Fatima!


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