Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today we're going to carve a pumpkin. To prepare you to do that, you need to watch this video and answer the quiz that is beside the video. Click on this link, watch the video and take the quiz:


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mayor Nenshi Reads Pete The Cat - I Love My White Shoes

We watched this video in class on Wednesday, October 29th 2014. Mayor Naheed Nenshi is the first Muslim mayor of a major Canadian city (Calgary). He is very popular and very effective at being Mayor. He is a very social-media savvy guy. We talked about how his leadership in Canada promotes being a Muslim and a Canadian as a positive thing and how Canadians will embrace anyone of any culture if they love Canada and serve well in their position. Mayor Nenshi is one Fabulous and fun mayor! No wonder the people of Calgary love him!

In light of the recent municipal elections, we also talked about which characteristics are important in a Mayor in Canada - thinking about the examples of Rob Ford (past Mayor of Toronto), Mayor Nenshi, John Tory (soon-to-be Mayor of Toronto) and Mayor Gordon Krantz - what do you think are the top ten characteristics? We wrote down a large list on the board with what you'd expect: charisma, ability to communicate, have vision, planner, organized, problem-solver, honest, trust-worthy, anti-corruption, has good values, intelligent...and I would add that any Mayor should be able to sing and read on you-tube :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How are you?
Sorry Marcella I can't come last week,so I didn't find some one who take care with my daughter in the morning so I can't come in the morning class  ,I will go in the afternoon class.I make request to be in the afternoon class but I still wait for applay .thank you