Thursday, March 26, 2015

Present Perfect Tense - English grammar tutorial video lesson

Good Morning Class,

We've been working on the Present Perfect Tense. It is complicated but we are learning it layer by layer. One step at a time. Watch this video for a good review of the present perfect tense.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My name is abiramy.In 1992 i was living with my parents,My mother can sing well.Her dream was to make me a good singer. The first day i went to the class I was very shy and very hard to sing , I don't want to go class any more becouse all ways I felt shy my mother said"don't give up" on the first day go attend more classes then you can decide then i attend more classes after i loved the classes I learned how to sing very well In 1993 the school made the compertition,I dot the first prize, My family and i were very happy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Never give up!

I think the life is synthesized in "never give up". Through the time you realize that you'll be always in front of small and large challenges: losing weight, move to a new city, a new country, learning to drive, confront material and spiritual losses. We must understand that to stay stagnant solves nothing and so I'm here today, in another country with a different language and some not very different from mine customs, embracing a new family: his and mine is now ours. Thank God for always giving me the message: Never give up!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Never Give Up (March 15 2015) Time: 10AM

Hi.I am Shabina 

Two years ago.I came with my husband and my children to Canada. This was a difficult time in our lives. At that time my children were going to school, me and my husband were at home.

That time my husband did not have a job for a long time this was big problem in our life. He applied wherever he  could. After a while he started giving interviews. 

After six months of struggle my husband got a IT Job which related his industry. We were very happy when he finally got a job. We were happy that he didn't give up.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Never give up

Hi, I'm fouzia,december 2003,when I came to France,I was happy but as the time was passing,I started missing my parents because this country and language was new for me,after all I changed my mind that I have to adjust here for my own family,but the French language was a big challenge for me.
My husband supported me to learn French,he taught me everyday some new French words,this language was more difficult than English,in the beginning I couldn't understand the French accent as it was a totally different for me but I didn't give up learning.
My husband also arranged a tutor for me,after all I worked hard to learn French and my language improved and I was able to speak and write.
Before ending, I want to say to all my friends that we should never give up to achieve for any goal.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two years ago we had a problem avery big problem . I can not talk about it because we want to forgat .I just want to say we are together strong and we weill live together and with our children  .and we gna live together forever  we never give up this is all thing I want to talk .     But Iwant to say
we challenge everybody.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I got married.I didn't know how to cook?I thought it is very difficult,but my husband encouraged me every time.I decided to learn how to cook very well.I began and tried many time but sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I was unsuccessful.I didn't want to give up on idea. I continued to try and after that I could cook very well. New I arrived at my aim.

Never give up by Raida zayed

                          Never give up
  Fifteen years ago, I was facing some  
difficulties in my studies.

  When I got married I made the decision to complete my studies, because I had so much free time. When I started, every thing was easy, but when I gave birth to my oldest son, I started to face some difficulties. One of the problems I faced was going to the university for a long time and when I get back I was busy with my studies and house work. When I saw the sitiuation like that, I made the decision to give up to complete my studies, then I felt despair.

  Finally my husband advised me to not give up and then my husband put his hand in my hand and told me that he will help me. He encouraged me, then I was able to complete my studies and I got university honors.

I want to share with you what this photo means to me 😉 Nine years ago in Vancouver my husband wanted to teach me skiing,  but for me it was very difficult because I was afraid, for me it was sad because for him it's very important, he started skiing when he was 4 years old, many times I told him I can't do it!  But I never gave up.
This photo is nine years later in Milton and now I can ski with my son, he is 6 years old and he snowboards.
I am very happy because now we can do it together !!

                                       Never give up

When I was in my country Congo I had a friend and my parent didn't like her because she was very talkative and older than me,my parents didn't be proud I did like my friend truly because she was good enough for me when I was sad about something and  she was a good person she did talk me  just I'll happy and she stop to talk me.

She give me the things and the gift when my birthday and if my parents see her ,my parents were enough angry if she did go my parents sad me what your problem with this girl,she is older than you,me did stay and  I didn't say something and one day I forgot my wallet at home with my ID and I was go to university and the teacher did come with ex amen the teacher say before somebody do this examen give me your ID,me I didn't have it and I say at teacher please teacher I forgot my ID at house the teacher refuse.

My friend had a car I talk her,she did go at our house and she did give me my ID and I did do my examen the same day after my examen I did say it in my parents and my parents were happy enough for it and they did like my friend also

Monday, March 9, 2015

Never Give Up

A long time ago, when my youngest son was fourteen years old, he had a serious accident. What happened was that he fell off of the third floor at his school. Luckily his teacher found him right away and called the emergency. When this happened, he could not move his legs because they were broken. At the hospital he was treated at, they said that he would never be able to walk again, I was very scared and did not want to give up. So we went to a different hospital and was fortunately able to get him treated properly so that he can walk again. Since I did not give up on my son walking again, I was able to go to the other hospital to get him treated. I was so relieved. 

Short Video on STEREOTYPES - some truth, some myth...:)

For international Womans Day we watched this film and discussed gender stereotypes. We talked about how they all have some truth to them, but are not true for all people all the time. We also noticed that some things are not as true as they were in the past. Things are changing!

          Never Give Up


        Hi everyone. I am Urfa.When i was 14 years old, I was living in Daska (Pakistan) with my family.In 1983 my father was getting sick because of a kidney Problem.In September was few days he was addmited in the hospital for a few days then he passed away.
          After his death, the situation of my house became difficult. My older brother was also sick and everyone was saying that Its hard time for us. We couldn't settle down but all of a sudden I thought that I will not give up and i will manage the things and will settle my family so I started tutoring at home and took teaching and sawing courses.

          I started a job in a private school as a subject and Art teacher.It was very hard time for me to continuing my study because morning time I was teaching in a school and evening time tutoring at home so I have no time for study.My two younger brothers studied and after that they did some courses and then after long struggle we were settled and I was happy that in 1983 I didn't give up and took a stand for my family.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

                               Never   Give  Up!                                     

    Hi everyone!  One warm summer day I and my school friend went to the Ob river.
It's very big, deep and dangerous Siberian river. But I was only about fifteen years old and wasn't
afraid of anything.
The riverside was empty and we decided to go to swim. I swam to the deep water because it's easier
 to swim and faster. When I saw the big floating ship , I started to swim to the shore, but the stream
of the river took me away from the shore. I fought over, spent all the power but I didn't give up and
didn't think that I could sink. I didn't remember how long I tried to get to the  shore, but I crawled
out a shore. After that case I wasn't afraid to swim.

                                      NEVER GIVE UP !!!!

     Hi everyone this is josiane I have live here in Canada since March 2014 . 2 years ago my uncle told me that I will travel, I was so excited because I will take a plane  .              

     When I arrived here the first month was great , but during the next months I began to realize that I felt lonely , no friends , no brothers , no sisters , and the language was so difficult to speak, I felt so blue. I Told my cousin that I don't want to stay here anymore, he told me that "I know it's very difficult for you to stay like this , no friends , no school , but don't worry everything comes slowly  , staying here is building  a good future for your life, you will start English class and everything will be okay don't give up, and thinks about your future my dear". After that I change my mind I can't give up because everything my cousin told me was truth, I start English class ,I enjoy it that make me fell the happiest girl of the word because I am learning English now and I like it , now I have new friends in my English class and also in Hamilton and Toronto.

       I'm very glad to live here,I like this country. Don't event  say I can in life just try do it event it's difficult you will be at the end. Never give up. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015


    When my family immigrated to Canada, I couldn't speak English with everyone. I was sad. But, I knew, that with courage I could win, I shouldn't give up yet.
    When I keep a dictionary at hand to community visit a staff and find the English school address. I went to school learn English.
    When I learned English and I didn't give up taught my daughter basic knowledge of her first language. Now, I can speak simple English and my daughter's first language is very good.
    When I moved to Canada, I had to give up my job, I gave up my goog benefits of my hometown. In Canada, at school I'm a student, at home I'm a home maker.
    If I can't come to Canada, I gave up learn English, I will give up new life in Canada.
    If I am going to give up teaching my daughter our first language, she won't speak very well.



In 1990, I lived with my family in Alexandria. When I made some cookies the fire caught in the fireplace oven. I was going to give up this situation and run away. After one second, I decided not to give up. Directly I brought the fire extinguisher and extinguished the fire. All my whole body became trembling.

Friday, March 6, 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                One year ago .I came to Canada .Ididn`t  like to live here,becouse the weather is cold and the life was difficulte ,But now .Iam not going to give up .Iam going to stay in Canada.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello Class,

Please write about a time when you decided not to give up on something. Please write one paragraph with the following parts:

1. Introduction: Explain when this happened and where you were living and who you were with etc) 
2. Main topic: Talk about or describe the situation you were in - which problem you were facing
3. Conclusion: Talk about what happened after you decided not to give up - what was the result?

I look forward to reading your inspiring stories! Drop by the blog a few times this week and read everyone's stories and make a few comments.

To give up is a verb phrase (two-word verbs) that means to quit doing or trying something

Use with modals:   I can’t/shouldn’t give up yet, I should try it one more time.
Use with negative:   I didn’t give up ,  I won’t give up

Use in all tenses:  I gave up, I will give up, I am going to give up, I am giving up, I have given up  (etc.)