Tuesday, March 10, 2015

                                       Never give up

When I was in my country Congo I had a friend and my parent didn't like her because she was very talkative and older than me,my parents didn't be proud her.me I did like my friend truly because she was good enough for me when I was sad about something and  she was a good person she did talk me  just I'll happy and she stop to talk me.

She give me the things and the gift when my birthday and if my parents see her ,my parents were enough angry if she did go my parents sad me what your problem with this girl,she is older than you,me did stay and  I didn't say something and one day I forgot my wallet at home with my ID and I was go to university and the teacher did come with ex amen the teacher say before somebody do this examen give me your ID,me I didn't have it and I say at teacher please teacher I forgot my ID at house the teacher refuse.

My friend had a car I talk her,she did go at our house and she did give me my ID and I did do my examen the same day after my examen I did say it in my parents and my parents were happy enough for it and they did like my friend also

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  1. Wow! She was a good friend to you and she helped you when you desperately needed it! So you never gave up on the friendship because you knew that she was a good friend. So I guess your parents took a little longer to realize that, but that's ok - they just needed more evidence :)


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