Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello Class,

Please write about a time when you decided not to give up on something. Please write one paragraph with the following parts:

1. Introduction: Explain when this happened and where you were living and who you were with etc) 
2. Main topic: Talk about or describe the situation you were in - which problem you were facing
3. Conclusion: Talk about what happened after you decided not to give up - what was the result?

I look forward to reading your inspiring stories! Drop by the blog a few times this week and read everyone's stories and make a few comments.

To give up is a verb phrase (two-word verbs) that means to quit doing or trying something

Use with modals:   I can’t/shouldn’t give up yet, I should try it one more time.
Use with negative:   I didn’t give up ,  I won’t give up

Use in all tenses:  I gave up, I will give up, I am going to give up, I am giving up, I have given up  (etc.)


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  1. Never give up.
    When I came first Time to Canada with my 7 month old daughter.At that time it was very hard for me.because I didn't know the language When I enter the Canadian airport I didn't know what to do.but I never gave up. I asked some people they helped me.and also hear in Canada the staff were very helpful and they were very nice.I never give up and now I am happy with my family.


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