Monday, March 9, 2015

          Never Give Up


        Hi everyone. I am Urfa.When i was 14 years old, I was living in Daska (Pakistan) with my family.In 1983 my father was getting sick because of a kidney Problem.In September was few days he was addmited in the hospital for a few days then he passed away.
          After his death, the situation of my house became difficult. My older brother was also sick and everyone was saying that Its hard time for us. We couldn't settle down but all of a sudden I thought that I will not give up and i will manage the things and will settle my family so I started tutoring at home and took teaching and sawing courses.

          I started a job in a private school as a subject and Art teacher.It was very hard time for me to continuing my study because morning time I was teaching in a school and evening time tutoring at home so I have no time for study.My two younger brothers studied and after that they did some courses and then after long struggle we were settled and I was happy that in 1983 I didn't give up and took a stand for my family.

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  1. You never gave up and you were so young and yet took on the responsibility to take care of your family and help them get educated and not only survive but thrive!


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