Sunday, March 8, 2015

                               Never   Give  Up!                                     

    Hi everyone!  One warm summer day I and my school friend went to the Ob river.
It's very big, deep and dangerous Siberian river. But I was only about fifteen years old and wasn't
afraid of anything.
The riverside was empty and we decided to go to swim. I swam to the deep water because it's easier
 to swim and faster. When I saw the big floating ship , I started to swim to the shore, but the stream
of the river took me away from the shore. I fought over, spent all the power but I didn't give up and
didn't think that I could sink. I didn't remember how long I tried to get to the  shore, but I crawled
out a shore. After that case I wasn't afraid to swim.

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  1. I am glad you never gave up Nina - such crazy situations we get into when we are teenagers! But I suspect that if you were to get in the same situation now, you would be able to do it - you would not give up - because that is who you are Nina! :)


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