Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Never give up by Raida zayed

                          Never give up
  Fifteen years ago, I was facing some  
difficulties in my studies.

  When I got married I made the decision to complete my studies, because I had so much free time. When I started, every thing was easy, but when I gave birth to my oldest son, I started to face some difficulties. One of the problems I faced was going to the university for a long time and when I get back I was busy with my studies and house work. When I saw the sitiuation like that, I made the decision to give up to complete my studies, then I felt despair.

  Finally my husband advised me to not give up and then my husband put his hand in my hand and told me that he will help me. He encouraged me, then I was able to complete my studies and I got university honors.

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  1. Raida! Your story illustrates that we need the support of another and the help of another so we do not have to give up, so we can complete something difficult. Congratulations! And congratulations to your husband on being a good one!


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