Friday, March 13, 2015

Never give up

Hi, I'm fouzia,december 2003,when I came to France,I was happy but as the time was passing,I started missing my parents because this country and language was new for me,after all I changed my mind that I have to adjust here for my own family,but the French language was a big challenge for me.
My husband supported me to learn French,he taught me everyday some new French words,this language was more difficult than English,in the beginning I couldn't understand the French accent as it was a totally different for me but I didn't give up learning.
My husband also arranged a tutor for me,after all I worked hard to learn French and my language improved and I was able to speak and write.
Before ending, I want to say to all my friends that we should never give up to achieve for any goal.

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  1. Fouzia - learning a language is a very difficult thing - especially in the beginning - but you didn't give up and now you can speak French, Urdu and English. I guess you net goal is to be fluent in English - I know you can do this - don't give up!


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