Saturday, March 7, 2015


    When my family immigrated to Canada, I couldn't speak English with everyone. I was sad. But, I knew, that with courage I could win, I shouldn't give up yet.
    When I keep a dictionary at hand to community visit a staff and find the English school address. I went to school learn English.
    When I learned English and I didn't give up taught my daughter basic knowledge of her first language. Now, I can speak simple English and my daughter's first language is very good.
    When I moved to Canada, I had to give up my job, I gave up my goog benefits of my hometown. In Canada, at school I'm a student, at home I'm a home maker.
    If I can't come to Canada, I gave up learn English, I will give up new life in Canada.
    If I am going to give up teaching my daughter our first language, she won't speak very well.

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  1. You did give up a good life in China for a new life in Canada, but you never gave up, even when it was so difficult to speak English. But now you are getting better and better at English!
    Good for you Suqiong!


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